Find you China Sourcing Agent

Your one-stop-shop for China sourcing services.

  • I am a sourcing agent in Shenzhen, China. got more than 9 years sourcing experiences.I will serve as your China Buying Office.
  • I am dedicated to help small&medium overseas companies sourcing from China. Instead of your company adjusting to the needs of a buying agent, I will comply with your demands so everything you want comes to fruition. I care of everything including:
  • * Product Sourcing
  • * Factory Auditing
  • * Price Negotiation
  • * Order Processing
  • * Quality Control
  • * Logistics
  • * After Sale Service
  •  *China Sourcing Agent
  • *Product Sourcing
  • *Amazon FBA sourcing
  • *Alibaba sourcing
  • *1688 sourcing


If you have any question, Please contact me at:, thanks.