Earth Qianjian

We will introduce to you a blind Chinese medicine-Tu Qianjianjian.

(“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”)
[Alias ​​of Tuqianjianjian] Thousand-year dwarf, earthen thousand-year sword (“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”).
【The source of earthen thousand years of health】is the root of Rhododendron crowberry.
【Ten thousand years of healthy plant form】Crow fruit, also known as: hairy black rice.
[Ten Thousand Years of Healthy Nature and Flavor] “Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine”: “Gan, Chinese medicine physician, cold.” [Functions and Indications] ① “Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine”: “It is a clearing and detoxifying medicine. Treating carbuncle, boils, boils, measles and rashes. Toxic, malnutrition, dysentery, skin and blood heat.”② “Main poisonous plants in the south”: “Relieve Datura, Feiyang grass, Acacia beans, Sophora flavescens, Bai Xue, big tea medicine and other poisoning.” [Usage and Dosage] Oral administration : Decoction, 2 to 5 taels. External use: decocted and washed.
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