Salix branches and leaves
Salix alba, the white willow, is a species of willow native to Europe and western and central Asia. The name derives from the white tone to the undersides of the leaves.
It is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree growing up to 10–30 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter and an irregular, often-leaning crown. The bark is grey-brown, and deeply fissured in older trees. The shoots in the typical species are grey-brown to green-brown. The leaves are paler than most other willows, due to a covering of very fine, silky white hairs, in particular on the underside; they are 5–10 cm long and 0.5–1.5 cm wide. The flowers are produced in catkins in early spring, and pollinated by insects. It is dioecious, with male and female catkins on separate trees; the male catkins are 4–5 cm long, the female catkins 3–4 cm long at pollination, lengthening as the fruit matures. When mature in midsummer, the female catkins comprise numerous small (4 mm) capsules, each containing numerous minute seeds embedded in white down, which aids wind dispersal.

== Ecology ==

Like all willows, Salix alba is usually to be found in wet or poorly-drained soil at the edge of pools, lakes or rivers.

We share with you a traditional Chinese medicine – Salix branches and leaves.

[The source of the branches and leaves of Salix] is the branches and leaves of the willow species of willow. The plant morphology is detailed in the article “Salicylic Root”.
[Nature and flavor of branches and leaves of Salix] “Tang Materia Medica”: “Bitter, flat, non-toxic.”
[Functions and indications of branches and leaves of Salix] Clear heat and detoxify. Treat chronic dysentery, carbuncle and sore.
①”Tang Materia Medica”: “Maintain chronic dysentery, red and white, smash water and twist to extract juice, take one liter, two days a day.”
② “Outline”: “Mainly carbuncle, pox.”
③ “Medical Forest Compilation”: “purging fire poison, dispelling poison gas.”
【Usage and Dosage of Poplar Branches and Leaves】Oral administration: decoction, 1.5-3 money; or smashed juice. External use: Jianshui, fumigation and washing.

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