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Let’s share with you a blind Chinese medicine-water calamus. Shuichangpu (Chinese medicinal material plant name: Acorus calamus) (Plant subject: Araceae) Plant name: Acorus calamus.

Growing environment of water calamus: This product is perennial and clustered herbs. It is often cultivated on the wetland next to the village, and some are wild.
The distribution of calamus: East Asia and Central Asia, produced in Guangdong and Guangxi.
The medicinal part of Shuichangpu: root.
The collection period of water calamus: throughout the year.
The self-collecting location of Shuichangpu: Pond.
The nature and flavor of Shuichangpu: slightly warm in nature, pungent in taste, and fragrant.
The functions of Shuichangpu: dispel wind and pain, warm the middle and invigorate the stomach, dissipate qi and remove phlegm.
Indications, dosage and usage of Shuichangpu: Phlegm and edema, compatibility.
The proven prescriptions of Shuichangpu: (prescription for treating phlegm and dampness and edema) Shuichangpu two, fake konjac 5 dollars, ground taurus 5 dollars, Dafeng wormwood 5 dollars, camphor willow 5 dollars, appropriate amount of clean water, decoct and wash the swollen area.
(Fang Jie) Shuichangpu, Dafeng wormwood to dispel wind and phlegm and dampness; false konjac and Taurus into the ground to dispel wind and swelling; camphor willow head to dispel dampness and swelling. Synthetic prescription for treating rheumatism, dampness and edema. If the swelling is on the skin, use an external wash to reduce the swelling within seconds. Or using a smoked anus is also effective. However, those who are swollen inside can also use this formula, and change the water calamus to 4 yuan, and the land gold bull to 3 yuan, and the rest is not changed. It is also effective as a decoction.
(Fangge) Phlegm, dampness and rheumatism are washed and smoked, water calamus enters the ground Taurus, Chinese medicine physicians, fake konjac camphor wormwood, decoction, smoke and washing effect will be harvested.
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