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Chinese medicine physicians, let’s share with you a blind Chinese medicine-Manjingzi.

】 【Summary of Chinese Medicines of Vitex Vitis vinifera]
Vitex Vitis vinifera is the mature fruit of Vitex simplicifolia or Vitex vulgaris, a shrub of the Verbenaceae family. Bitter, pungent, and cold. Enter the liver, stomach, bladder meridian.
1. Evacuation of wind-heat: Used for headache, dizziness, dizziness, red eyes, swelling and pain caused by wind-heat. It is often used with red peony root, cassia seed, chrysanthemum, etc., and traditional Chinese medicine physicians, such as ( Juxiong Decoction); dark eyes and dizziness can be used with Qi-tonifying and blood-replenishing medicine for deficiency syndrome.
2. Dispelling wind and relieving pain: used for symptoms of rheumatic arthralgia and urgency of limbs, such as (Qianghuo Shengshi Decoction).
【Identification of the efficacy of Vitis vinifera]
Vine tremula and ligustrum can relieve pain, vine tremula is pungent and slightly cold, good at treating wind-heat headache and can clear the liver and improve eyesight, ligustrum is pungent and warm, longer than Cure wind and cold invading the peak headache of the Taiyang Meridian, and also has the power of dredging collaterals and treating arthralgia.
【Clinical application of Vinegar chinensis】
For allergic rhinitis. Take 20% vine leaf decoction to the nose, 3 to 5 times a day, 3 to 5 drops each time, for 2 days. The effect is satisfactory.
【The pharmacological effects of Vitex officinalis】
It has a sedative effect. It is effective for neuropathic headache and muscle neuralgia. Because it contains vitamin A substances, it has a certain effect on night blindness and amblyopia with liver and kidney deficiency.
【Chemical composition of Vitex vulgaris】
Contains volatile oil, alkaloids, flavonoids and vitamin A substances.
【Dosage and Usage of Vitex Vulgaris】
6-12g, decocted in water.
[Caution for the use of vine jingzi]
The head pain is not due to wind evil, but avoids fire due to blood deficiency.
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