Sunshine Drifting Grass
The Grass Roots are an American rock band that charted frequently between 1965 and 1975. The band was originally the creation of Lou Adler and songwriting duo P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. In their career, they achieved two gold albums, two gold singles and charted singles on the Billboard Hot 100 a total of 21 times. Among their charting singles, they achieved Top 10 three times, Top 20 six times and Top 40 fourteen times. They have sold over 20 million records worldwide.Until his death in 2011, early member Rob Grill and a newer lineup of the Grass Roots continued to play many live performances each year. By 2012, the group featured no original band members, with a lineup personally chosen by Grill carrying on the legacy of the group with nationwide live performances.

== The founding years ==
The name “Grass Roots” (originally spelled as one word “Grassroots”) originated in mid-1965 as the name of a band project by the Los Angeles songwriter and producer duo of P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri. Sloan and Barri had written several songs in an attempt by their record company, Dunhill Records (owned by Lou Adler), to cash in on the budding folk rock movement. One of these songs was “Where Were You When I Needed You,” which was recorded by Sloan and Barri. Sloan provided the lead vocals and played guitar, Larry Knechtel played keyboards, Joe Osborn played the bass and Bones Howe was on drums.

Let’s share with you a blind Chinese medicine——Sunshine Floating Grass.

(“Zhejiang Folk Commonly Used Herbs”)
[Synonyms of Sunshine Flyover Grass] Broomgrass, Goose Grass.
[Source of Sunshine Floating Grass] is the whole grass of Cyperaceae.
[Plant form of Sunshine Floating Grass] Sunshine Floating Grass
Annual herb without rhizome. The culms are clustered, 10 to 60 cm high, flat quadrangular prism, with longitudinal grooves, and the base is covered with 1 to 3 leafless sheaths. The leaves are longer or shorter than the culm, laterally flat, sword-shaped, and apex bristly; the sheath is laterally flat, the back is keel-shaped, the margin is membranous, rust-colored, the sheath is obliquely split, without leaf tongue; bracts 2 to 4, bristly, The base is wider. Cymes reappear or reappear multiple times; 3-6 radiating branches; spikelets solitary at the top of radiating branches, globular; scales membranous, ovoid, maroon, with white narrow edges, keel protruding on the back, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, with 3 Striped veins; stamens 2; styles triangular prism, slightly enlarged at base, stigma 3. Nutlets are obovate, wheat stalks are yellow, with verrucose protrusions and cross-lobed round nets.
Born in wet swamp areas and rice fields. Except for the northeast and northwest regions of our country, they are all distributed.
[Collecting the grass with sunshine] Collect the whole grass in summer and autumn and dry it in the sun.
[The nature and flavor of the grass in the sunshine] Cool in nature, sweet and light in taste.
【Functions and Indications of Floating Grass in Sunshine】clearing heat and diuresis, detoxification and swelling. Cure heat oliguria, red urine, gastroenteritis, calf strain, swelling and pain.
[Usage and Dosage of Rizhao Piaofucao] Oral administration: decoction, fresh product 1~2 taels. External use: mashed compress.
[Selected Recipe for Rizhao Foliage Grass] Treat calf strain, swelling and pain; Rizhao Foliage grass, camphor bark, peach tree tender shoots, add distillers’ grains and smash for external application.

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