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Let’s share with you a blind Chinese medicine-Xanthium. Xanthium is a very common weed, but don’t underestimate this weed, but it has been documented in ancient and modern China and abroad that it is poisonous. It has been mentioned that cocklebur is poisonous, and there are also records in the West that cocklebur is a poisonous fodder. Although Xanthium can be used as medicine to treat diseases, it can become poison if used improperly.

Side effects of Xanthium
1. Fresh Xanthium is the most toxic
Fresh Xanthium is the most toxic, because of the combined action of a variety of toxic substances, making it the most toxic. If poultry eats fresh Xanthium by accident, they may convulse, fall to the ground, and even die.
2. Improper preparation of Xanthium xanthium.
Improper preparation of Xanthium. In this case, the toxicity is not cleaned. In this case, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, brown substance, general malaise, diarrhea may occur after taking the medicine of Xanthium. , Bloating.
3. Overdose
If you exceed 30g or the amount of 10 lessons at a time, you will be poisoned, and you will have symptoms such as irritability, lethargy, thirst, oliguria, and coma. In milder cases, you may still have diarrhea. ,Vomit. However, after taking Xanthium, you must go to the hospital immediately to avoid damaging the liver function.
4. Damage to the liver
Severe poisoning reaches to damage the liver, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, causes azotemia, congestion of the liver, steatosis, rapid damage to liver function, secondary brain edema, causing tonic spasm, Eventually lead to death.
How to remove toxicity
1. Fresh Xanthium can not be used.
Fresh Xanthium has xanthium glycosides, which is highly toxic, and fresh Xanthium has other toxicity. Many toxicities work together, so fresh cocklebur is the most toxic. Do not eat fresh cocklebur.
2. Frying and concocting to remove toxicity
The toxicity of Xanthium candidum can be removed after washing and heating. The toxicity of Xanthium candidum will be denatured by heating after heating. The method of cooking is to fry all the cocklebur seeds thoroughly, and all parts of the fry are browned.
Conclusion: Xanthium is very effective in the treatment of rhinitis and rheumatism. The main side effect of Xanthium is toxic. If used improperly, it will be poisoned and even cause death. Therefore, when eating Xanthium, make sure that they are fully cooked.
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