Madden! Ma YiliI used to be in a bad state after divorce and has developed mental illness

Original title: Ma Yili confessed that she was in a bad state after divorce, not only telling the truth, but also very inspirational 2020-10-2011:49 Source: Moments of Entertainment Hello, friends, are you very considerate of what the editor wants to say today? There is no joy, only preference. I dare to say with certainty that the content of today’s editor will certainly make you happy. A few days ago, when Ma Yili took over the interview, she revealed that the situation after the breakup was very poor. She said: My survival last year has undergone many changes, and friends all know. Then I continued to think that I would have a new method of survival, that is, a large number of forces will come in. But when I arrived home from the crew, I suddenly discovered that it was not so simple. I am confused every day, my brain is dizzy, and I have no energy to do anything. I wake up in the bed every morning and don’t want to get up. She also said frankly that she had used a physiologist and acupuncture treatment skills to change her mentality: “I went to acupuncture and tried acupuncture and moxibustion for 10,000 yuan a time, and then looked at the action to recover from illness, there was a physiologist, and then every day All pour out.” 201944-year-old Ma Yili has been a very conclusive female star for a long time. Whether she is in survival or on the road of acting, she has been rough, but she will always pass on to us is full of positive energy. . She has already said like this, I continue to think that I am very happy, every step I take is my effort, no regrets, no repentance. If you start all over again or as promised. Plays that have been performed for many years, including “Qiao Family Courtyard”, “Returning Pearls”, and the award-winning “Jiangbei Good Man”, are not as famous as Xia Lin in “Struggle”. In her opinion, the roles in the play are a bit similar to her. Xia Lin in “Struggle” has just graduated because of the ruggedness of her work, which also happened to her. When she starred in the first play after graduation, she was missing because her role was robbed by the girlfriend of the helping business. She thought that she had no way out and she was in vain. After months of thinking, she calmed down first. Then, a terrible drama found her. She reported that she needed this job to fully and confirm her, and eventually she gradually got out of the shadow of the disappearance. In those days, she was a performance machine in the eyes of the producers, capable of spinning for days and nights. In the end, she must learn to bend and stretch because of the words of her mother when she was young. She said that my porridge walked on calmly, not expected to become famous overnight. For me, to be a good actor, one has to stand up to oneself, act in many plays, and continue to accumulate accumulated resumes. Such an actor has a long-lasting artistic talent. The harder he gets, the more luck he gets. Ma Yili, who seems to be the “star of choice,” relies on his own progress to reach this day. In the eyes of many people, she is always lucky, but there is so much luck in the sky. Although he is handsome and attractive, pretty and beautiful, and of course strong and online, but he is very close, natural and thrifty, and he is very keen on charity and charity outside of work. He is an ambassador of compassion and love. It is really exceptional. Since her debut, people who are hardworking, hardworking, and don’t give up have always been self-sufferable. They have never found any black material or scandal. Whether they are fans or public, they have a superior image of her. Versatile without publicity, working hard without self-satisfaction, low-key and introverted, moral integrity, at the end I want to say, how can there be so much hotness to become famous overnight, all are made into steel. How do you see this? Welcome to forward and share more people to see, and I urge you to exchange messages! Your likes, messages, and forwarding are the editor I wrote more. Return to Sohu to see more responsible editors: Disclaimer: The opinions of this article only represent the author himself. Sohu is an information publishing platform. Sohu only provides information storage space. service. read()