Shanghai Maid’s Mansion was sealed, 50 yuan an hour including “Hidden Play“, what do you think?

Demystify! The hidden game stations of Shanghai famous scenes are all wonderful! 2020-09-2811:22 Source: What is the original title: Demystify! The hidden game stations of Shanghai famous scenes are all wonderful! First class: Shanghai Hotel This trip chooses Shanghai Hotel near Nanjing Road, there are about 900, which belongs to the more cost-effective category. Close to Metro Line 8 and 10, the transportation is very convenient. Second stop: Tianzifang, after packing up your luggage, head to Tianzifang, a popular spot in Shanghai. Cross Line 9 and then turn to Line 8, and arrive at the destination after a few stops. Because every place has a beautiful background, you can fiddle with these photos in every place. The following are some must-check shops recommended by the editor: 1. Perfume Pavilion: This is a shop that mainly deals in perfumes and fragrances. Whether you want to buy it yourself or give it away, this shop is a good choice, with good quality and low price. , The packaging is exquisite, girls must not miss it; 2. Big-name French fries: This is a relatively famous handmade candy store, the desserts in the store are really cute, there are various styles, boys can choose here Sweets for the girls you like. 3. Big-brand French fries: I am a person who controls French fries. This shop is really recommended! There are so many kinds of fried foods with different tastes, it’s a gourmet heaven! Thai Coconut Egg: There are almost everywhere in this street. I personally think it tastes average, but as an Internet celebrity delicacy, you can also try it. Third stop: Turn on mobile navigation in the Global Map Shopping Center and walk 500 meters to Tianzifang! This is a large shopping mall, gathering many popular and fashionable brands, and there are many foods on the first floor. My favorite is “Grandma’s House”, I never get tired of eating, and when I go there is around 4pm, I don’t have to line up, I just enter the store. The second suggestion is to recommend a restaurant called “Lee Garden”. This Cantonese dish tastes good, and the per capita consumption is more than 400 yuan, but this quicksand bun is really delicious! What a great thing! This taste is really evocative! Expand text