Long Yin in the mountains of Guizhou is a source of sound for birds

“Long Yin” in the mountains of Guizhou initially identified the bird as the yellow-footed three-legged quail 2020-07-0314:11:28 Source: About the “Long Yin” in the mountains of Guizhou initially identified the bird as the yellow-footed three Too quail, I believe many friends are very interested in understanding it, because this topic is also very hot recently, so now everyone wants to know that the “Long Yin” in the mountains of Guizhou has initially determined that the bird is called the bird is yellow. The three-toed quail, the editor also went online to collect some information related to the “Long Yin” in the mountains of Guizhou that initially identified the bird as the yellow-toed quail, so let me share it with you below. Recently, it was reported that a dragon scream was found in a big mountain in Xiushui, Weining, Guizhou. Yesterday, the colorful girl had released relevant rumors. “Dragon scream”? “Tiger scream”? There is an unclear sound in this place? The authority has squashed the rumors! Everyone All sober… Just now, the latest news is coming! The origin of the unknown sound source in Weining, Guizhou is preliminarily determined: It is issued by the yellow-footed three-toed quail! On July 3, after preliminary identification by bird experts, Weining Autonomous County The unidentified sound source in Xiushui Town came from a bird called the yellow-legged three-toed quail. In order to ascertain the cause of the unknown sound source in Xiushui Town as soon as possible, Weining Autonomous County invited the Special Allowance Specialist of the State Council, the expert committee member of the National Committee of the People and the Biosphere, and Ran Jingcheng, the head of the Guizhou Wildlife Management Station, to investigate and verify the site. The sound recorded by local people on site and the description of witnesses, and the sampling, analysis and comparison of unknown sound sources on the spot can be preliminarily determined that the unidentified sound source originated from the yellow-footed three-toed quail. In the past few days, the unknown sound source in Xiushui Town, Weining Autonomous County has attracted the attention and heated discussion of the majority of netizens, and some netizens have posted videos on platforms such as “Douyin” and “Quick Hand”, and have created sounds such as so-called “tiger calls” and “wolf howl”. , Confusing the audio-visual misleading the masses. It is understood that the yellow-footed three-toed quail is a small bird that looks like a quail. It is a summer migratory bird in Guizhou. When it crows during the breeding period, the voice is long and dull, similar to the sound of cattle. Yellow-footed three-toed quails are widely distributed in my country, and Guizhou is one of its main distribution areas. Solemnly declare: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. The reprinted article is only for the purpose of spreading more information. If the author’s information is incorrectly marked, please contact us to modify or delete it immediately. Thank you. Tag: Longyin Mountain in Guizhou initially identified as a bird call