Yang Rong is the first choice for Wei Yingluo , the same style is more beautiful than Wu Jinyan

Wu Jinyan pretends to be Wei Yingluo again, and dances to the national dance show with wild waists and long legs. Xie Na smiled and said to the beautiful introduction: On May 18th, “It ’s so beautiful to laugh” updated the latest content. On the show, Wu Jinyan wore a palace dress again, dressed up as the beloved Wei Yingluo. Wu Jinyan once again dressed up as Wei Yingluo, still stunning, and brought everyone back to the time of chasing drama that summer. Wu Jinyan learned to dance for many years. She also danced on the stage and performed a national dance. She showed a dancing skill and a graceful figure. Xie Na also praised Wu Jinyan without hesitation. Shen Ling also showed off her unique talent on the show, that is, when her eyes were completely covered by blindfolds, she wrote with a brush on the spot and showed her handwriting skills. Wu Jinyan marveled that Shen Ling could still write such great calligraphy in the blindfold, expressing his heartfelt admiration and giving his thumbs up heartily. Although everyone participated in the comedy variety show, the guests all showed their talents. Shen Ling’s talent is calligraphy, and I want to have long-term calligraphy practice. Wu Jinyan was born in dance and has been studying dance for many years. The scene also showed other skills besides acting. Wu Jinyan’s big show folk dance, in addition to the display of dancing skills, her small waist and long legs also showed off. I have to say that Wu Jinyan’s figure is really good. Wu Jinyan, during the big show of national dance, Xie Na looked very energetic and smiled all the way through. She liked this dance show very much. Wu Jinyan’s skilled dance skills, coupled with his graceful figure and exquisite face, were also praised by Xie Na for being beautiful and beautiful. Wu Jinyan continued to dance the national dance, Xie Na also stood up simply, besides smiling, she kept applauding and looked very happy. Xie Na’s move, in addition to feeling from the heart that Wu Jinyan jumped well, should also be envious of Wu Jinyan so dancing. Wu Jinyan was quite confident in showing his professional skills, and he was particularly attractive. Wu Jinyan’s dance strength, if you go to the popular variety show “Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves”, which is not broadcast first, you should also get good results. Xie Na may have watched Wu Jinyan dance, causing her own addiction to commit a crime. When the next player came to the stage to show the dance, she also rushed onto the stage and danced with the male player on the spot. However, Xie Na is obviously not able to dance, but she has played her funny talent well, and is not afraid of jumping ugly on the stage without rhythm. Her confidence level is like a dance that has been learned for more than ten years. Professional dancer. What do you think? Disclaimer: This article is originally created by Master Lin’s entertainment team. Plagiarism is prohibited. The pictures are from the Internet. Please contact us to delete. More entertainment information is in Master Lin.