Li Jiaqi fashion Mr. cover how to make 200 million a year?

Li Jiaqi appeared on the cover of the May issue of “Fashion Mr. Fine”, and then made a blockbuster fashion film even more handy. As an amateur, from the facial features to the temperament, Jiaqi really can be regarded as an actor. With a black suit and new hairstyle, the texture of the aura does not lose the star at all. The size of the head and back, OMG feels too! Black suit in black and white tones, simple and handsome, full of fashion sense. Finally, what the editor wants to say is that with Li Jiaqi’s popularity, the editor believes that his every move will be magnified infinitely, and even the staff around him will be more cautious than before, maybe this is the price of the popularity. . Li Jiaqi, a grassroots entrepreneur, with his own efforts, can reach the pinnacle of life, which is really admirable, and just recently Li Jiaqi successfully boarded the double cover of the “Mr. Fashion” May issue, as a super ability to carry goods People, it’s also good in fashion. It seems that he has indeed reached the pinnacle of his life. In fact, we don’t need to introduce too much Li Jiaqi. I believe that many female friends basically know him, and he is also good in value, and gets a lot. The recognition of female friends, after joining the fashion circle, he showed us his other side. In the eyes of many women, Li Jiaqi may be a person who is very proficient in makeup. We can be confirmed through a social software. The main reason is that he put in the effort behind his back. He also started from a grass root, and also Entering the entertainment and entertainment circles, many companies even invited him as a guest to help the development of the enterprise. When Li Jiaqi was taking photos with the stars, we actually found that his anger actually covered up the temperament of the star. The unique charm is not the heart of the girl. The photo of Li Jiaqi and Song Qian can be seen by the stars. Although Song Qian is also glorious, Li Jiaqi’s temperament is completely unfamiliar with Song Qian. The current Li Jiaqi is in the entertainment industry. And the fashion circle, the temperament is not lost to the star at all, coupled with the handsome and handsome, clean and refreshing. Coupled with Li Jiaqi’s diagonal haircut, Li Jiaqi not only looks very foreign! Return to Sohu to see more responsible editors: Statement: The opinions in this article represent the author himself, Sohu is an information publishing platform, and Sohu only provides information storage space services. Li Jiaqi Li Jiaqi Song Qian Cover Shenma Cinema Reading ()