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01 / Whether to cancel the housing provident fund to lead the discussion: Dong Mingzhu: it is better to give the provident fund to the house 02 / the country takes the medicine to remove the “gold sale” cancer tumor Bayer blood sugar lowering price exceeds 90% The intermediary was investigated and dealt with 04 / “Crude Oil Bao” investors hope to clarify their responsibilities and obligations. Some investors expressed their unwillingness to reconcile 05 / more places introduced a new round of consumer promotion policy subsidies, incentives, and consumption coupons. 06 / Xia Kedao: National People ’s Congress At the press conference, see how the spokesman sees the recruitment and dismantling of the move 07 / The central bank ’s multiple measures to ease the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, the three RRR cuts, the release of long-term liquidity 2.7 trillion 08 / This year ’s deficit rate is planned to issue 1 trillion resistance Why the special national debt 09 / government work report did not propose specific targets for the annual economic growth rate? 10 / Beidou’s 30-year “platform formation” is about to succeed 01 / sudden plunge 20%: 20 billion instantaneously evaporates 7 times. Big bull stocks were hit by air strikes 02 / Anxiety of “one yuan”: 66 low-priced stocks at the time of supervision Facing the “survival” crisis 03 / “silver bonds” financial cooperation hot A-share trillions of incremental funds “on the road” 04 / Express: Hong Kong stocks HSI fell more than 4% Hong Kong local stocks plunged collectively 05 / Hong Kong local property stocks plunged collectively Wharf Real Estate fell 7%, Cheung Kong, etc. fell sharply 06 / 2.2 billion in counterfeiting, Ruixing rolled out US stocks to counterfeit 30 billion Kangmei Pharmaceutical, but the limit was raised 07 / Both departments released ultra-high-definition video standards: 4 trillion wind direction industry chain complete List 08 / Express: Hong Kong stocks fell 3%, Hong Kong local real estate stocks plunged 09 / Behind the bribery door of Hengrui Pharmaceuticals: 90% of income was doubled from R & D investment by generic drug sales 10 / Close: Concerned about international relations, US stocks fell slightly Chinese stocks generally fell 01 / some investors of Bank of China crude oil said that they were unwilling to settle and believed that the responsibilities of both parties were not cleared. 02/5 May 22 High-yield bank wealth management products sold 03 / mortgage benchmark interest rate transfer to LPR re-pricing day banks need to be with customers Negotiate rather than determine the 04 / large deposit certificate interest rate However, the narrowing of the downward spreads forced banks to reduce the cost of liabilities 05 / “Bank notes” wealth management cooperation hot A shares trillions of incremental funds “on the road” 06 / Focus on the “two sessions” proposal: optimize the sustainable development of inclusive credit 07 / Representatives of the People’s Bank of China talked about the revision of the “People’s Bank of China Law” and the “Commercial Banking Law” 08 / Anti-money Laundering Regulations and Overweight Third-Party Payments with Frequent Charges for Large Penalties Yan Liming: Monetizing the fiscal deficit in China is neither feasible nor necessary