Yue Yunpeng sent 520 confession and was asked by his partner Sun Yue whether he was sober and his wife watched lively online

Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue have cooperated for 10 years, and tears confess to each other. I hope you will take care of your body for another 10 years 2019-01-2619: 30 Source: Muyu Tianyuan In 10 years, Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue cooperated for 10 years, and confessed to each other with tears. I hope you will take care of your body for another 10 years. Some netizens may not understand it. Perhaps you know that Deyun will perform a sealing performance every year until the end of the year, but you do nā€™t know. What will Deyun do after sealing the box? They are not saying that they will be able to take a holiday and have a happy New Year soon, but every year Guo Degang will be at the end of the year, according to everyone ā€™s performance in this year, and then according to the actual situation of Deyun Society (because there will be Newcomers), to help some comedians who can go on stage but suffer from no partner. Once these actors are paired successfully, they will be so stereotyped in the next year, and there will be no change. How do the two people cooperate in harmony? Then, you have to stay a year to the end of the year and plan again. Of course, the partner of Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue was also paired successfully in this situation, but they are different. In fact, before Sun Yue, Yue Yunpeng had a partner. In 2009, Yue Yunpeng’s partner Shi Aizhong Because there was something wrong at home, I asked for leave, but at that time it was Yue Yunpeng’s ascending period, so this made him once very decadent, looking for a partner in the comic dialogue world. In fact, just like ordinary people looking for a partner, it is really not particularly easy. thing. Sun Yue was actually feeding elephants at that time, because everyone knows that Sun Yue, who was born into a family of comic dialogues, had been feeding elephants for a long period of time during the downturn. It is estimated that the elephants were not fed because of that experience. Fat feeds himself, haha. However, Sun Yue, who had a very good foundation, was recruited by Guo Degang and invited Sun Yue to partner with Yue Yunpeng. The two of them walked in harmony for ten years. Sun Yue said that time has passed so fast, we have all endured each other for ten years, haha, this is the usual saying of cross talk actors. Expanding the full text is just like Guo Degang said, the cross talk is amused and held, one is on the table, the other is outside the table, without a certain degree of tacit understanding, it is really impossible to cooperate for so long, any pair of partners, as long as they have cooperated for ten years The time is enough for a deep friendship. Yue Yunpeng’s tearful confession: Teacher Sun, my little Yueyue has all kinds of problems. You have also endured me for ten years. Please also accommodate me because you are a few years older than me and twice as old as me. Double?), For the rest of our life in the future, I hope we can work together for more ten years, I hope you take care of your body and strive for another 10 years. The two people reviewed each other in their lives. In fact, we can see from their daily interactions that the way they get along is the kind of careless old man’s way. They don’t praise each other and don’t praise each other. Sometimes there is a little cross talk. Quite ironically, of course, it is more often a joke, then Yue Yunpeng said that occasionally he wrote a baggage that was good and praised by Sun Yue, but the two people had no other more nasty words. Again, I hope the other party can take good care of their bodies for another 10 years. In fact, speaking of the partners in the cross talk world, we have to mention the pair of Guo Degang and Yu Qian. They may not be able to praise each other on weekdays, but every time in the program, they mostly praise each other because they wrote dozens in the cross talk world. The paragraphs of the year, so the literary skills are very solid. In many cases, they will also write some poems to confess to each other. For example, Guo Degang wrote half a hundred years ago, and he is still very hard to eat and drink. The fiftieth birthday opened the North Sea, and three thousand Zhu Luqing celebrated Nanshan. , And Yu Qian’s reply will always add a sentence, my horn, represents his appreciation of Guo Degang. In fact, sometimes the editor is thinking about whether our husbands and wives can live together like their crosstalk partners, compliment each other and move forward together, one by one, two to ten years, and still come to watch with a look of appreciation and even gratitude. The other party, will our marriage life be very happy? Return to Sohu, see more editors in charge: Statement: The opinions in this article represent only the author himself, Sohu is the information publishing platform, Sohu only provides information storage space services.