True and false, and really difficult to judge! Wang Yuxin will post again Do you think it is true that Huang Jingyu divorced?

Recently, due to the fact that Huang Jingyu’s “ex-wife” Wang Yuxin wanted to die, Huang Jingyu and Wang Yuxin’s grievances were once again brought out, causing a wave of heated discussions on the Internet. Now Wang Yuxin has regained consciousness. On May 19, she once again published an article admitting that she had a marriage with Huang Jingyu. The traffic star Huang Jingyu, who often plays a tough guy, directly dared not admit that she had been “married” and dared to refute rumors. Is the star worth chasing? Perhaps it can only be the idol of minors. Huang Jingyu should make a “running rumor”! On May 19, Assistant Wang Yuxin posted a post on Weibo, showing a screenshot of Huang Jingyu ’s former assistant Xiao Han ’s Weibo and some netizens ’views on Xiao Han ’s response. Assistant Wang Yuxin also praised Xiao Han as the righteous little brother and dared to tell the truth. Assistant Wang Yuxin also once again said that Huang Jingyu was sick when Wang Yuxin took Xiaohan ’s ID card to go to the hospital to prescribe medicine for Huang Jingyu. He also said that Huang Jingyu was infected by Xiaosan, but let his wife clean up the mess. On May 18th, Assistant Wang Yuxin reported that Huang Jingyu was infected, and also accused Huang Jingyu of being infected, and asked Wang Yuxin to take medicine for him. In fact, as early as two years ago, an insider reported that Huang Jingyu was derailed in marriage and was infected with a certain disease by Xiaosan Zhangyi. He also reported that Huang Jingyu used his assistant’s name to get the medicine and let Wang Yuxin accompany him to the doctor. The insider also published a hospital test report at the time. The name column above was the name of Huang Jingyu’s former assistant Xiao Han. Huang Jingyu’s illness was mentioned again. Many netizens, including Huang Jingyu’s fans, also ran to Weibo, Huang Jingyu’s former assistant Xiao Han, to write a letter and comment to verify the matter. On May 18, Xiao Han, a former assistant, posted on Weibo that he did not want to mention the past, saying that he had resigned from all jobs in Huang Jingyu. More importantly, the former assistant Xiao Han clarified that he is not sick, so this is undoubtedly proof that Assistant Wang Yuxin said, Huang Jingyu used Xiao Han’s name to prescribe medicine, maybe it is true. In the article, Xiao Han also used Wang Yangxin to describe Wang Yuxin when he mentioned Wang Yuxin. This evaluation can be said to be quite high. In addition to the screenshot of Xiaohan’s response, Assistant Wang Yuxin also exposed three screenshots of netizens’ views on Xiaohan’s response. After Xiaohan responded, Huang Jingyu’s fans believed that Xiaohan had no professional ethics to do so. However, some netizens said that since fans admit that Xiao Han does not have professional ethics, it means that Xiao Han is true and that Wang Yuxin and Huang Jingyu have really been together. On the afternoon of May 19, Wang Yuxin also posted on Weibo to occupy public resources for his suicide and expressed his regrets for the impact, and responded to related matters. In the article, Wang Yuxin also stated once again that he had a marriage with Huang Jingyu, but he had been divorced two years ago because of the principle problem of the husband and wife. This is not the first time that Wang Yuxin has shown that Wang Yuxin and Huang Jingyu have been married, but Huang Jingyu has never dared to admit that he has been married, just saying that the two broke up peacefully. It is understandable that Huang Jingyu did not dare to admit that he was married. After all, once he admits, he not only lost fans and traffic, but also confessed to scandals such as domestic violence, derailment in marriage, and illness. Two years ago, Huang Jingyu did not dare to admit that he was married. Two years later, Huang Jingyu should not stand up and admit it!