Luo Zhixiang and then publish the article to confess Zhou Yangqing: The whole text does not contain a word of love, but the words are emotional

The boy Luo Zhixiang sent a long text Aite Zhou Yangqing, encountered a diss of the whole network, because it was too bad. Man Home Channel Page 2020-05-2108: 50: 41 Ding Mingnian 520 When did this holiday seem to be impossible to verify, nowadays But it has become a carnival festival for merchants and netizens. After all, it is not easy to say that you are loved, and it is more difficult to make a ritual in ordinary days. Therefore, sending a red envelope on the day of 520, saying that I love you, is more memorable. Of course, there is another person who has been staring at this day for a long time. That is the time management master Luo Zhixiang. Since he will not forget to love and love during the multiplayer movement, netizens are affectionately called time management masters. On the day of 520, netizens were ready to go to the business and spend some money to buy a happy one, but the result was unthinkable but was thrown away by Luo Zhixiang’s melodies. Master Luo Zhixiang, who has been unable to paste anymore in China, published an elegant long essay with a total of 6744 words and a few punctuation marks. He recalled the sweet love time with Zhou Yangqing. Finally, he said affectionately: This Once I promised you to let me share our story with you. And very generous and open-hearted Aite Zhou Yangqing seems to be a letter of courtship full of poetry. It’s just that the IQ of the people who eat melons are all online, and they are not impressed by this so-called love letter, which of course does not prevent me from eating melons. It is said that very few people have finished reading this article. At least I was picking it up. It is too long for the net article. This kind of running account is too tiring to read. I picked up the head, the middle and the tail to know what happened. In fact, the theme is that as long as Zhou Yangqing responds to the forgiveness, it is estimated that resumption of work in China is expected. There is no silver three hundred and two here, and the eyes of netizens are sharp. Some netizens who were too worried also ran to Zhou Yangqing’s account to leave a message below. To sum up the opinion is: he wants to turn over, don’t be impressed by this kind of elementary school student’s education account. It is estimated that Zhou Yangqing made mistakes that women all over the world could easily make, that is too soft-hearted, so I reminded me. I actually watched the day of eating melons. It seems that Zhou Yangqing spent 520 silently. Rarely did not give any reply, which is in stark contrast to the previous full interaction with fans on the platform. It should be considered an attitude, after all, it is better to say nothing than to say at this time. Zhou Yangqing did not speak, it did not mean that other people did not speak. Comrade Wang Sicong’s words broke the essence: at the age of forty, he also claimed to be a boy 666 (learned. Why did Confucius become a generation of saints, respected by people, there is an important sentence The words: “I have five ambitions to learn, thirty to stand, forty to not be confused, fifty to know the destiny, sixty to the ears, and seventy to do what I want, without exceeding the rules.” The most important meaning expressed in it is You should do what you want at any age. Confucius is a saint, and the standard is of course very high. For ordinary people, in fact, the secular requirements are not high. In young age, as a little boy or Big boy, full of youth and blood, committing a little bit of confusion, a little bit of two, and tossing out the cats, three dogs and four dogs, everyone still agrees, after all, young is not sensible, there is an explanation. Now on the basis of the increase in average life expectancy, men It ’s still a little mixed by 30. It ’s okay. It ’s a young man, but everyone ’s vision has to be chosen. If you commit by accident, it ’s always a problem. If it ’s almost forty, this is Confucius. I ’m not confused, at least I have a sense of direction in life, and making mistakes should n’t be making mistakes in principle. Otherwise, it ’s justified. The responsibility and responsibility of a man is what he should do at what age, Otherwise, it would be too Man. There was once a TV series “If you can look back”, it was criticized too much blood, mainly because the three uncle-level people were born in it, and want to become a boy again, hope that the years can look back , But how can the years come back? No matter if you are forty years old, at least the responsibilities and responsibilities should be there, not just the little boy-like fools and tossing, as Ma Yun said: Do n’t shirk responsibility Once you push responsibility, you lose the opportunity to grow. In this article of Luo Zhixiang, I talk about the fragments and feelings of my life and never mention my mistakes. It seems that those melons that have been hammered have not happened to him. Like the body, I selectively forgot, only remember the love and love, but do not remember the damage that has caused to others. Therefore, the articles of the running account are understood by netizens That is to seek reinstatement. If Zhou Yangqing chooses to reply to forgiveness, it is a big profit. Even if he does not speak, there is no loss. This small abacus is really smooth. The key is this article is simplified Chinese. Yes, Zhou Yangqing once said that he took care of Luo Zhixiang. I feel that the words used for communication on the platform are traditional. This time Luo Zhixiang took the initiative to use simplified Chinese. This change also surprised the people who eat melons. In order to write a good account, I also took the time to write such a long article. Even if everyone is not in the mood to watch it, knowing the affection will be done. What Luo Zhixiang did not expect is that Zhou Yangqing did not reply, and people all over the network were eating hilariously, and the netizens replied very lively, such as: “Not only time management but also Very memorable diary-style memories “,” Is sending so many diaries for a comeback? It seems that I am very affectionate. “Almost one-sided reply diss on, this time the 520 confession is a success or failure? Special statement: the above content (if any (Pictures or videos are also included) uploaded and published by users of the NetEase platform, this platform only provides information storage services. Notice: Thecontentabove (includingthepicturesandvideosifany) isuploadedandpostedbyauserofNetEaseHao, whichisasocialmediaplatformandonlyprovidesinformationstorageservices.