Good news! NBA rematch is planned to be exposed. July will be recalled in June. Rematch is expected.

The NBA expects a rematch in July. How come the courage of the five major leagues will end in May before the end of June? Published by Zhabei Cao Yunding in the Tigers Football · Football topic area is expected to be rematched in July, but the five major leagues want to rematch in early May and end before the end of June. The epidemic situation in Europe is not better than that in the United States. How dare you ask for courage? But the idea of the five major leagues is understandable. 1. Many players’ contracts will expire on June 30 of this year and become free. The end of June is also to complete the problem before the player’s contract expires. 2. Compared to the NBA, there are many types of football matches and more rest time is required. In addition to the league, there will be cup games and European wars. There are national team games in the intermittent period. Some are friendly matches that can be abandoned, but some are qualifiers for the European Cup and the World Cup. They can only be postponed but cannot be cancelled. Major leagues may cancel this season’s domestic cup competition for the league to proceed normally. But if the league can restart normally, the Champions League and the European Union will certainly not be cancelled. After the rematch, the remaining schedule of the season and the European system (which may become a single round) are still a very troublesome problem. 3. After the end of the season, more than one month will be spent preparing for the new season, and go to other regions to participate in the preseason (commercial competition), the interval is very short, it is expected to give up this year with a high probability. If the season ends at the end of June, the start time of the new season will be postponed more than in the past. In addition to the postponed European Cup, World Cup, qualifiers and possible postponement of the Olympic Games, the European League schedule is difficult to turn around for a while. 4. The potential league this season is cancelled; after the semi-finals, the field is empty or the domestic cup is abandoned; the possibility of giving up the preseason, resulting in a loss of the club. The NBA relatively does not need to consider so many issues. So at least there hasn’t been any information about the possible cancellation of the NBA this season. There are no major events at FIBA this year, and the only major Olympic Games are expected to be postponed as the European Cup. If you can rematch in July, September will definitely be over. The normal conditions of the NBA preseason games will begin in early October, and the regular season will officially start in the middle and late October. Considering that it was just finished in September, but because there was enough rest time during the outbreak, it was at most impossible to go out on vacation. As long as the NBA properly delays the start date of the next season by half a month to a month, the schedule will be tightened again and reasonable arrangements will be made to return to normal.