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Another state in the United States has declared a state of emergency and postponed the presidential primaries. Democratic elections have been blocked. 2020-03-1517: 40: 38 Universal Watch Observations Election officials in Georgia ’s southern United States said on March 14th, Eastern Time: In light of concerns over the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the state has decided to postpone the presidential primaries that were originally scheduled for March 24. In the United States, the dates for state primaries are determined by the state and state governments, not by political parties. Because Trump is currently seeking re-election, the affected party will be the Democratic Party. The epidemic has prevented the Democratic Party from holding various campaign rallies. However, because Trump is a serving president, his exposure will be much higher than that of the Democratic Party. Voters There are more opportunities to learn about its policies. The US presidential election is mainly divided into two stages. The stage of each party’s nomination of candidates within the party is the primary election, and the primary election is also voted by voters in each state. By convention, the Republican presidential candidate will still be Trump, and other intra-party competitors will not have any possible opportunities. On the Democratic side, Biden and Sanders are the current front-runners in the party. Without surprise, Biden will represent the Democratic Party in the November presidential election. In the primary election, the specific policies of different states are different, but in general, any elector (in some states, even illegal immigrants can participate) can vote for their favorite candidate in the primary election, such as in In the 2016 Republican primaries, even high-level Democrats called for voters or registered members of the Democratic Party to participate in the Republican primaries and vote for Republican presidential candidates other than Trump. To prevent Trump from getting a Republican nomination. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the decision on March 14 after Governor Brian Kemp had just announced Georgia’s state of emergency, and before that, US President Trump declared a state of emergency under the Stafford Act, a federal law passed in 1988. Secretary of State (in English, the same phrase as the Secretary of State) Brad said in a statement: “(New crown pneumonia outbreak) things are moving very fast, and my priority is to protect our elections. The health of staff and their families and communities. “State officials will suspend early voting beginning March 2 and decide that the presidential primaries will be no later than May 19. The first state to postpone the presidential primaries is Louisiana. The state announced on March 13 that it would postpone the presidential primaries originally scheduled for April 4th. The postponement date is set on June 20. So will the outbreak affect the US elections in November this year? Is it possible for the United States to postpone the date of the presidential election? There is almost no possibility of this happening. According to Article 2 (1) of the U.S. Constitution: When the President and Vice President are removed, died, resigned, or lose the ability to perform the powers and duties of the President, Congress may declare an official to act as President in accordance with the law. It is the President until the President resumes his or her office or the new President is elected. If the US presidential election is postponed, the election of the US House of Representatives and the election of one-third of the Senate will be postponed accordingly, but the term of this Congress ends at noon on January 3, 2021. If the election is postponed, there will be no new members of the House of Representatives, and the Senate will have a third of the shortfall. According to the “Succession Law of the President”, in the order of succession, neither the vice president, the speaker of the House of Representatives, or the minister in the president’s cabinet will be able to be generated, and the third person in the order of presidential succession-the Senate Interim Speaker Olin Hatch will end his term as a senator this year, so the remaining two-thirds of the Senate can then elect a new interim Speaker and be elected by the Senate when the President and Vice President cannot be elected The new interim speaker will serve as acting president. However, it should be emphasized that this situation has almost no possibility, but it is theoretically possible. This year’s election will continue as usual. Author: Universal large viewing Special Note: The above content (if any pictures or video are also included) is a self-media platform “NetEase number” users to upload and publish this platform only provides information storage service.