Hubei Airport resumes operations

Hubei’s three major airports will resume operations tomorrow. On April 8, Wuhan will “unblock”. According to Hubei Airport Group, Hubei Xiangyang Airport, Enshi Airport, and Shennongjia Airport will resume operations on March 25. Huangshi, Hubei has been completely unblocked. On the evening of March 22, Huangshi City’s new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a notice saying that in order to promote the epidemic prevention and control from “full prevention” to “precision prevention and control”, from comprehensive closure to Grid management change. The notice said that since March 23, community (village group) personnel and vehicles resumed normal travel, residents wearing masks and normal temperature monitoring can pass. Starting on the 23rd, normal traffic order in the urban area will be restored, driving restrictions on single and double numbers for private cars will be lifted, and normal operation of online car rental will be fully restored. All bus lines in the urban area resumed normal operations. Municipal institutions and institutions resumed normal commuting on March 24. In addition, Jingmen City issued a notice: from 12:00 on the 23rd, all bus lines in the urban area will be resumed; from 12:00 on March 23, 2020, the city will resume inter-city and inter-provincial passenger routes. Xiaogan City New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice saying that from 24:00 on the 23rd, the restrictions on the control of single and double numbers of private cars in Xiaogan City were cancelled and normal traffic was resumed. confirmed! From 00:00 on April 8, Wuhan “Unblocked” Hubei Province’s New Coronary Virus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Announcement for the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, orderly restoration of production and living order, according to the “People’s Republic of China” The Emergency Response Law, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and the Hubei Province ’s Grade I Response Mechanism for Major Public Health Emergencies have been approved by the central government. The notice of such matters is as follows: 1. Beginning at 00:00 on March 25, the area outside Wuhan was deregulated from the control of the Hubei passageway, and external traffic was resumed in an orderly manner. Persons leaving Hubei had a safe and orderly flow based on the Hubei Health Code “Green Code”. 2. Wuhan continued to implement strict control measures for the Lihan and Lihu channels. Starting at 00:00 on March 25, under the premise of good health management and implementation of prevention and control measures, migrant workers holding Hubei Health Code “Green Code” will take “point-to-point, one-stop” after passing the nucleic acid test. The “method” method focuses on precise and accurate delivery to ensure safe and orderly return to work. From 00:00 on April 8th, Wuhan City lifted the control measures of the Li-Han and Li-Eh passages and resumed the external traffic in an orderly manner. The personnel from the Han country moved in a safe and orderly manner based on the Hubei Health Code “Green Code”. 3. People from other provinces who come to Hubei and Hubei can travel safely and orderly throughout the province with the health code of the province or the “green code” of Hubei health code. No additional health certificate is required (except for those who cannot really apply for a health code). , Application approval form or receiving certificate, vehicle pass, etc. Personnel leaving the province shall know and comply with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control at the destination in advance. 4. Based on the assessment of the risk level of the epidemic, Wuhan City, on the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, promoted the zoning, classification, time-sharing, and conditional resumption of production. 5. Colleges, primary schools, secondary vocational schools, technical colleges, and kindergartens in the province continued to postpone the start of school. The specific start time is determined after scientific assessment based on the epidemic prevention and control situation. 6. Localities should further strengthen their territorial responsibility, and do not relax their efforts to prevent and control all work, and strictly prevent the increase in the flow and concentration of personnel to bring back the risk of epidemic rebound, and properly respond to imported risks. It is necessary to make overall arrangements for the return of personnel stranded in Han and Hubei, and to refine the work arrangements to ensure a safe and orderly flow. It is necessary to actively and orderly promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises and institutions, strive to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic, and strive to enter the normal economic and social development of the province as soon as possible. Hubei Provincial New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command March 24, 2020