Hua Mulan withdraws from Japan What is the specific situation? Isn’t Hua Mulan postponed in Japan?

“Mulan” retreats in Japan! From postponed to cancelled, Liu Yifei’s recent situation was exposed! 2020-03-2415: 27: 59 Just now, Disney Entertainment announced that Mulan was withdrawing gear in Japan! In fact, when you hear this news, you will not be surprised, because the epidemic is not over yet, it has already broke out in many countries, so for the safety of everyone, it is reasonable to temporarily withdraw the movie “Mulan” However, before that, due to the impact of the epidemic, Disney announced that “Mulan”, which was released in the movie on April 17th, was postponed to May 22nd, but just after the delay, it became canceled. The movie “Mulan” means a lot to Liu Yifei. The image she gave everyone before has always been the feeling of a fairy sister, and has always been a gentle image. She never thought she would challenge the heroine, and from Some of the tidbits and stills from the show can tell that her drama is really heroic. She is a dancer by dance, so the director also said that in the process of filming, all the dramas are almost personally played, not at all. Use stand-ins. Although she looks sweet on the outside, she is very strong inside. She has never been pretending to be in the process of filming a TV series. It is a role model for many actors to learn. This time, Mulan announced her withdrawal in Japan. Let’s see Liu Yifei’s heroic attitude and coolness at an early date, and let us see Hua Mulan at an early date. In this movie, many netizens have long been unable to hold back their inner excitement and expectations. For this movie Liu Yifei also worked hard, in order to show the best results, she trained a long time before the filming. In the process, she was also injured, but she never gave up or flinched because of this. She appeared at the premiere for the promotion of this movie some time ago, but now the epidemic abroad is getting worse and worse. Therefore, the temporary withdrawal of this movie is also extenuating, and Liu Yifei’s recent situation has also been exposed. She was not affected by the withdrawal. Just a while ago, she also spoke for Shiseido. When she saw her current situation, Netizens were fascinated by her face again. Wearing a white dress with long hair, full of goddess, and the role of Mulan is two, this is the versatility of an actor. They can try any role, they can reflect a variety of themselves. . Many netizens have left messages, hoping that the epidemic will end soon, let us see Liu Yifei’s style. Special statement: The above contents (including pictures or videos are also included) are uploaded and published from users of the media platform “NetEase account”, this platform only provides information storage services.