Apple donates 9 million masks U.S. Vice President Pence thanks

01 / Three places to promote 2.5-day weekend to stimulate consumption, do other provinces and cities follow? 02 / Zhejiang also shot! 7 places clearly promote auto consumption measures, car market welcomes rebound? 03 / Shenzhen Yunxi and other real estates are demon: the booking fee will be charged for “tea-tea” millions. 04 / The urbanization rate of six provinces exceeds 70%. Coastal developed areas accelerate the second urbanization. 05 / Global boiling! US stocks soared 1600 points in the session, Trump launched a series of 4 push for “release”, the US version of the epic stimulus is coming, G7 also launched seven major initiatives 06 / Xi Jinping will attend the G20 leaders ’special summit to cope with the new crown pneumonia 07 / Executive meeting of the State Council: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and other international hub airports implement 24-hour customs clearance 08 / Wechat friend circle ads that are difficult to close “A total of 14 steps in three checks” 09 / Hainan Free Trade Zone 2nd Anniversary: Real estate ebb capital gathers in free trade port 10 / hotel owner’s “outbreak account”: at least 5 million yuan lost, still considering financing closing 01 / closing: US stocks skyrocketed, Dow soared 2100 points, a record 02 / American widow died after taking chloroquine phosphate Trump 03 / US media: The Trump administration ’s new crown pneumonia epidemic is not responding well to years of mistakes leading to today ’s situation 04 / Bill Gates: The United States missed the opportunity to avoid the blockade and did not respond quickly enough to the epidemic The US dollar was sold off 06 / Dow Jones counterattack 11% Overseas was most panic when the past A-shares were invested 07 / Shanghai Index recovered 2700 points Integer level multiple bottoms sent out four positive signals 08 / Small: Stop Locks work. Epidemic may soon peak. U.S. stocks will rebound 40%. 09 / Trump hopes that U.S. companies will resume work as soon as possible. “Continue to limit the number of deaths.” 10 / The second phase of the big fund will support Hubei IC concept stocks. List) 01 / Breaking the bank’s decision to increase its insurance capital and actively subscribe to high-dividend attributes of banks are favored 02 / The strictest risk control: more than 74.2 billion credit cards with overdue credit cards have begun a derating storm 03/3 March 25 Wealth management of high-yielding banks Product 04 / Expected yield of bank wealth management products fell below 4% Insurance fund subscription trust plan accelerated 05 / Precious metal commemorative coins How to identify authenticity? The central bank gave a strategy to identify fake products (Figure) 06 / Wealth management products “patch group” buy banks fancy marketing 07 / crude oil dip bottom was called off ICBC’s RMB account crude oil has been suspended 08 / gold circulation is extremely lacking? The gold quotes of major banks around the world continue to be abnormal today 09 / State Council executive meeting: Guide financial institutions to increase credit loans 10 / The recent sharp shocks of the underlying target Don’t stare at the expected maximum yield