Fellaini’s diagnosis The Super League may be postponed for a longer time.

Yesterday, Shandong Luneng Taishan officially confirmed that foreign aid Fellaini was infected with the new crown virus! Fellaini tested positive during the quarantine period, and has gone to designated medical institutions for observation and treatment. After receiving treatment, her temperature is normal and she has no other respiratory symptoms. After Fellaini’s diagnosis was confirmed, the Shanghai Health Commission also took an active action to investigate its close contacts. At present, 17 people are being followed up, and all of them have conducted self-isolation observation in accordance with relevant regulations. And for the sake of safety, nucleic acid tests have been carried out yesterday, and the results are all normal, which is really unfortunate. Luneng fans also send their blessings: I wish all Lu Lu’s player staff well-being! Wish Fellaini recover soon, Fellaini will definitely win this new crown, and then this year, he will win a real “new crown” for Luneng! Fellaini started to leave the big force on February 18 and went on vacation. It has now been more than a month, and local players have been isolated for 14 days after returning home. So for Luneng, don’t worry too much. Some fan friends think: This is a blessing in misfortune, but after this incident, it can be seen that the prevention and control of immigrants is still limited. It is recommended not to distinguish any key epidemic areas, and all of them will be quarantined at the designated place of entry! After Fellaini’s diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia, Manchester United officials also sent a blessing, hoping that Fellaini could recover soon and remain strong. Manchester United deserves to be a humane club. Yesterday, Shandong Luneng played an internal teaching match on the base machine. The team was divided into two teams, orange and white, for a total of three quarters, with 20 minutes in each quarter. The White Team got a chance to counterattack 4 minutes after the start. Wu Xinghan shot with a single shot and was saved by Wang Dalei to make up for the goal. In the 8th minute, Liu Yu from the left section of Wu Xinghan Street scored the ball, took the ball through the penalty area and kicked, but missed. After that, the two sides went into a stalemate. Until 41 minutes, the Orange team scored a penalty, Guo Yutian was saved from the penalty, but he missed the chance. 52 minutes into the game, the white team found a chance, Wu Xinghan assisted Liu Chaoyang header. The white team led 2: 0 to the end. Fellaini’s diagnosis is confirmed, the Chinese Super League has the opportunity to continue the extension. In this regard, fan friends said that the domestic epidemic situation had been controlled and basically cleared, and it should not be postponed because one person was diagnosed. In the future, it is only necessary to strengthen foreign aid management and control and do a good job of isolation. With the development of the epidemic situation, the Super League has a chance to continue to be postponed. If it is postponed to June or later, then this year may adopt the district system. For this, fans and friends ridicule: Shandong Luneng ’s chances of winning the championship have greatly increased. This is a good thing. what. But who can fight in Evergrande in Guangdong? At present, the domestic epidemic situation is under control and the main defense is overseas import. Therefore, the clubs must also isolate the foreign aid that has just returned, so as not to affect one team or even the entire league due to one person. Finally, I hope that the Super League can overcome the difficulties and start the match as soon as possible , Fan friends can’t wait. Special statement: This article was uploaded and published by the media author, and only represents the author’s opinion. Orient Sports only provides an information release platform.