Yi Jianlian donates protective clothing has been questioned to go to the United States to hide the epidemic (Figure)

The original transmits positive energy! Yi Jianlian donates 11,250 sets of protective clothing again! Has previously donated 500,000 yuan 2020-02-2416: 41 Source: Saitama dialect Original title: Pass positive energy! Yi Jianlian donates 11,250 sets of protective clothing again! The donation of 500,000 yuan has been in the critical period of fighting the epidemic, and the impact of the CBA has been postponed. There is no official news on when to restart. However, today, February 24, the Chinese men’s basketball team and Guangdong Hongyuan’s core Yi Jianlian have become the focus of attention of the media and fans. Yi Jianlian once again donated 11,250 sets of protective clothing to multiple hospitals in Wuhan. Previously, Guangdong Hongyuan Club donated 2 million, of which Arab League donated 500,000. I have to say that as the star of the Chinese men’s basketball team, the United Arab League has proved its responsibility and responsibility with its actual actions, and it is a model for Chinese basketball players and sports people to learn from. Since the outbreak, domestic sports people have also donated donations. Tianjin Ronggang Group, the parent company of Tianjin Men ’s Basketball Team, donated 100 million yuan, CBA ’s official donation of 3 million, and Guangdong Hongyuan ’s donation of 2 million was the first CBA donated club in Shandong. The men’s basketball parent company, the East and West King Group, also donated 1 million supplies. In terms of stars, tennis player Li Na donated 3 million, Super League stars Zheng Zhi and Hao Junmin each donated 500,000, and female football player Wang Shuang donated 600,000. Among CBA players, Liu Zhixuan donated 100,000 and Gao Shiyan donated 50,000. Other players such as Sun Yue, Dong Hanlin, Zhao Jiwei, Zhai Xiaochuan, Yuan Shuai, etc. also donated donations. Zhou Qi and Ding Yan Yuhang’s brokerage company also donated materials. Guo Ailun, who has earned more than 10 million yuan, also entrusted his parents to send some fresh milk and yogurt to the hospital. It is reported that out of 2 million donations made by Guangdong Hongyuan, the core Yi Jianlian donated 500,000 by himself. It is really moving to donate a batch of scarce anti-epidemic materials to Wuhan, the hardest hit area of the epidemic. It is reported that Yi Jianlian organized the shipments from New York to transship Wuhan. The materials were donated to 5 hospitals including Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. In the case of very tight protective clothing, Yi Jianlian’s supplies can be described as “sending charcoal in the snow.” In fact, CBA players donate and donate their own things, and should not be blamed or “forced to donate”, and the United Arab Emirates undoubtedly sets a good example for CBA players. When Wuhan was in trouble due to the epidemic, the United Arab League, which was recovering from injuries in the United States, fully demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese basketball players. On the court, the United Arab League is the absolute core of the Chinese men’s basketball team. It helps to encourage and train young players. He is also very self-disciplined off the court and has a high level of comprehensive literacy. In times of crisis, Yi Jianlian once again used his actions to deliver positive energy and did his best to reward society. I have to say that the United Arab League is good. It is a true “Germany Double Hsin” basketball player. Spring is bound to come, wind and rain are bound to go, and the epidemic will eventually pass. I believe that through the concerted efforts of the people across the country, the victory must belong to us! Tribute to frontline medical workers! Pay tribute to the Chinese basketball players who are full of positive energy! What do you think of it? Please leave a message to discuss, thank you. Return to Sohu to see more responsible editors: Disclaimer: The opinions of this article represent the author himself only. Sohu is an information publishing platform. Sohu only provides information storage space services. Allianz Yi Jianlian Guangdong Hongyuan Chinese Men’s Basketball Epidemic Read ()