Xie Na denied pregnant with her second child, and she responded by jumping up and down, Liu Haoran has a crimson makeup

In recent years, Liu Haoran’s film and television works have been a lot more than before, and his attention is getting higher and higher. From the first love of the nation to the young schoolboy today, he has been more and more favored. Recently, Hao Ran’s younger brother shot another brand-new blockbuster. The style of the blockbuster is very special. Liu Haoran tried his unique crimson makeup for the first time. It also looks very stunning. Liu Haoran has been diligently filming since his debut. The accumulated popularity is Very high, general public opinion is also the direction of appreciation. Liu Haoran can be said to be expected in the future, so let’s take a look at the blockbuster appearance of Brother Haoran this time. Netizens call out: It’s too much like an older brother. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian. It is reported that Liu Haoran! Liu Haoran officially debuted in the starring role of the movie “Beijing Love Story” in 2014. In the following years, he has appeared in many works and is very popular with everyone! Especially he and Wang Baoqiang starred in “Chinatown Expedition” Movies and other series of movies, the box office repeatedly hit new highs, before the third broadcast before the fire, so very much everyone’s expectations! But in everyone’s mind, Liu Haoran has always been the sun ’s big boy, only 22 years old, so it gives people I am very impressed. As a star, you have to try different dramas and different roles to make everyone feel different! Those old drama bones let everyone remember themselves through various types of works, but today ’s Most of Xiaoxianrou’s hype is used to impress everyone. This is the difference between Xiaoxianrou and old drama bones. But Liu Haoran is different from others. It has always been very low-key, only in himself. When there are works to meet with you, it will be more high-profile, which may be why many people like him! So Liu Haoran is very pleased in the entertainment industry, he also started I tried various styles of modeling and drama. No, Liu Haoran boldly challenged “a touch of crimson makeup”. The beauty was so amazing that he performed a modern and traditional gardening dream. It was very fast with this style. On the hot search, netizens have expressed their support and praise. Liu Haoran really has a temperament. It can be easy to hold such a difficult style. It is really amazing! The reaction of everyone is this: Liu Haoran has a crimson makeup and awesome temperament. It ’s really amazing, your boss thief looks good, ah ah ah boss is so beautiful! Mo Shangren Ruyu, the son is unparalleled! Liu Haoran has a new look of crimson makeup and fell in love with Liu Haoran, a touch of crimson makeup is absolutely amazing !!! It seems that the popularity of Hao Ran’s brother is really not a cover. It can also indicate that Liu Hao Ran is very malleable and can hold any shape! Liu Hao Ran’s biggest charm is his clean and pure youthful feeling, giving people a feeling of sunshine and vigor. In fact, there is nothing particularly exquisite about his facial features, but he looks very good when combined, and he focuses on his career and studies, and rarely has lace news. So many people like him are the reason. Further reading: Liu Haoran, born in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province on October 10, 1997, a male actor from Mainland China, studied undergraduate performance at the Central Academy of Drama in 2014, starring in the movie “Beijing Love Story”, officially debuted, nominated 21st for this film The Best Newcomer Award of the Beijing University Student Film Festival. In May 2015, he joined the national defense education special program “The Real Man”]; in July, he was accepted by the Central Academy of Drama with the first place in both professional and cultural subjects]; In December, he starred in the suspense comedy movie “Detective Chinatown”, With this film, he won the 20th Huading Award for Best Newcomer in China and the Best Screen Actor Award at the 2016 China Film Index Awards, and nominated the Best Actor for the Asian Newcomer Award at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival. The film is in Mainland China. The box office reached 823 million yuan. In August 2017, he starred in the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army, the film “Army of the Army”; in December, starred in the magic movie “The Legend of the Demon Cat” directed by Chen Kaige; subsequently, he starred in the costume drama “The Wind of the Langya List”. In 2018, he starred in the comedy adventure detective series “Detective Chinatown 2”, and nominated the 34th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actor with this movie]. The film’s mainland box office was 3.397 billion yuan, refreshing the box office of 2D movies and comedy movies Records, the total box office is among the top three in Chinese film history]. In 2019, he starred in the costume drama “Kyushu Records” and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the film “I and My Motherland” directed by Chen Kaige. In 2020, starred in the suspense comedy series “Detective Chinatown 3”.