Jurassic World 3 Starting , dinosaurs and humans will fight for dominance?

Original title: “Jurassic World 3” officially launched, the first director returned to direct, the series starring back to the latest news on February 26, “Jurassic World 3″ officially announced the start, this film will be named ” JurassicWorld: Dominion. It is reported that “Jurassic Century 3” will be directed by director Colin Trevoro, as the writer of three “Jurassic World” series of films, recently he is also online to release a photo of a small triangle dragon model, regardless of Whether it’s color or shape, this Triceratops looks very realistic, and the director also declared “ready”. In “Jurassic Century 3”, not only will the first director be directed again, Jack Johnson and Omar Hee will continue to play their roles in the first episode, Oscar’s best supporting actress Laura Dunn will return, starring by Chris Parat and Bryce Dallas Howard continued to play. In addition to the actors from the previous two episodes, “Jurassic Century 3” also invited Mamodo Asi, who played a wonderful performance in “Juvenile Hip Hop Dream”, and Dwanda, who played “She has the final say.” Wise starred in the film, their current roles in the film have not been revealed to the outside world. On February 16, Bryce Dallas Howard revealed her new look in “Jurassic Century 3” on her personal social media account, and her previous ponytail look in “Jurassic World: Falling Nation” Unlike this time, she will not only change her short hair, but also add glasses. Brace Dallas Howard also thanked the stylist for her creative design. Chris Parat also expressed his feelings about appearing in the “Jurassic Century” movie again. He said he was shocked when he first heard about the “Jurassic Century 3” proposal. In “Jurassic World: Falling Nation” The finale of the game made people wonder how to continue the story. Now there are new scripts and stories that are very pleasant for him. Chris Parat said he would not let everyone down. “Jurassic Century 3” is scheduled to be released in North America on June 21, 2021. “