English Special Four Special Eight Exam Time Extension Exam Date Delayed in 2020 When

Home> News> Ministry of Education speaks: 2020 English Specialized 4 and 8 postponed the exam, the specific test date is here! The Ministry of Education made a speech: 2020 English special colleges four and eight postponed the exam, the specific test date is here! 2020-02-0320: 46: 00 Source: Pang Ying Night Reading Education Column Affected by the pneumonia epidemic, most colleges have postponed school. Just three days ago, all types of IELTS on January 31 and February 2020 were cancelled nationwide. Many English-speaking partners are also concerned about whether the special four, eight and eight sessions will be postponed. Today we finally got some news from the official Weibo of Shanghai International Studies University, let’s hurry and take a look. Many friends of Shanghai University of Foreign Studies Weibo have questioned the first Weibo comment of Shanghai International Studies University Weibo and got an official response: The first Weibo comment of Shanghai Foreign Studies University ’s Weibo According to online news, Examination committees for the four majors are on the top and the bottom, so whether it is a question or a revised paper is on top. Later, I learned from the Office of Foreign Language Teaching and Testing of Colleges and Universities that the original English Majors Eighth Level Examination (TEM8) scheduled for March 21, 2020 and the English Majors Examination 4 (TEM4) originally scheduled for April 18, 2020 The examination time will be adjusted appropriately, and the specific examination time will be notified separately according to the development of epidemic prevention and control work. When might it be postponed? The exam time for junior college and junior college in 2020 was originally scheduled for March 21st, April 18th. According to the impact of the current national epidemic situation, the probability of the extension of special eight is relatively large. It may be until early April. The possibility of special four extension is possible, but it will be slightly lower. However, if the epidemic is properly controlled and colleges and universities can start in early March, then it is very likely that junior colleges and junior colleges will be carried out as scheduled. After all, Shanghai and foreign countries only responded informally in the comments, so you must not feel at ease. Continue to sleep mode. According to the Ministry of Education’s postponement of the start of school for elementary and middle school students, the postponement of the special eighth and fourth special examinations should be closely related to the development of the epidemic. When the epidemic is under control, examinations will be arranged accordingly. As far as the current situation is concerned, it is very likely that the exam will be taken on the occasion of the summer vacation of college students (personal guess). Why do you say it is postponed until the summer vacation? Because it is impossible for students to arrange for examinations during the summer vacation, secondly, this is the last opportunity for senior students, which requires that examination arrangements must be made before graduation. Therefore, I think that the corresponding examination arrangements will be made before the summer vacation, and everyone will relax and review. English Major IV Test Guide Review Suggestions 1. Step by step, work steadily, without changing your review plan specifically for postponement. Reschedule your own study plan according to the postponement of the exam, and carry out purposeful learning every day according to the study plan; 2. Make sure that you develop a sustainable study plan during the isolation period, and ensure that the preparation time for the exams is at least 2 hours daily Persist in memorizing words and reading English articles every day, to cultivate good habits and sense of English language at home; 3. It is necessary to do real questions over the years, real questions are the best review materials, according to the type and mode of the real questions Be organized and purposeful. Students at home mock exams have not yet officially announced the specific test time after the extension. It is recommended that you pay attention to the development of the education department. The latest news will be announced as soon as possible. Kao’shi, a student simulation major, may be good news for the buddy who is preparing for the exam, because there is more time to prepare. Because of the epidemic situation, this winter vacation has been extended, and you ca n’t go out and stay at home. It is a golden time to improve yourself. The specific time should be before the summer vacation, so we don’t think that the exam is cancelled because of the postponement of the exam, and learn to improve ourselves with peace of mind. Nightlight reading education column