Djokovic Achieves the Australian Open Eight Champions , the monopoly legend will continue

202002/0309: 35 Sharing return last night, Serbian star Djokovic reversed defeat of Austrian player Tim with 6-4, 4-6, 2-6, 6-3 and 6-4, successfully defending Australian tennis in 2020 Open Men’s Singles Championship. This is the 17th Grand Slam champion of the 2nd seed of the tournament and his 8th Australian Open Men’s Singles Championship. Druid’s brilliant achievements were written by Rod Laval. Xinhua News Agency information 资料 Druide made a total of 57 turnovers. Djokovic’s previous record against Tim was 6 wins and 4 losses. Yesterday’s first set broke in the first set, but since then, Tim failed to maintain this advantage in the face of Tim’s aggressive attack and tough defense. Tim immediately completed the break. Although Djokovic broke again and took the lead 6-4, his unforced errors began to grow like wild grass. In the Australian Open final one year ago, Druid had only nine unforced errors in the entire game, but yesterday his unforced errors exceeded that number, and the entire game was as many as 57. The reason for the increase in unforced errors is Tim. Druid tried to play against Tim after the 90s, but the game situation lost control. As a result, Tim made two consecutive sets and achieved a big lead. The passive Druid was busy feeding himself during the inter-session break of the third set, and returned to the locker room during the inter-session break. “I had serious physical problems during that time,” Djokovic explained after the game. Contest experience helped Druid to reverse. The reason why Druid was able to reverse the unfavorable situation yesterday was that his experience in the contest played a key role. Before the start of the fourth set, when he returned to the court again, Druid calmed down and recovered his state and tactics in the beginning. About half a year ago, when Druid and Federer competed for the 2019 Wimbledon championship final, he saved the match point and eventually achieved a reversal. This experience and the experience of the finals, Tim did not have Druid, which makes He knows how to get through. “I almost lost the game. Tim once disrupted my game rhythm.” Djokovic said after the game, “He is a very good player, tonight we are only because of one point or one hit. The winner was defeated. “Tim Tim delivered 13 ACE goals yesterday, 4 more than Djokovic, 55 winning points, 9 more than Djokovic. These two technical statistics Clearly outline his energy and drive. But even so, this is only Tim’s third Grand Slam final. After facing Djokovic, who has won 16 Grand Slam titles, the Austrians seem to have courage and inexperience. When Djokovic continued to debug the situation through a steady return, Tim was still taking risks to win. This is the key to the final victory. The loss did not dampen Tim. This is the eighth time that Druid has won the Australian Open men’s singles title. This is Druid’s 17th Grand Slam title, which has further narrowed his relationship with Nadal and 19 The gap between the 20 Grand Slam Federer. In the latest World Rankings, Djokovic will surpass Nadal and return to No. 1 in the world. “If I didn’t break the fourth set, maybe I’m the winner.” Tim said after the game, “I still need to do better in details.” Tim believes that the loss will not dampen his confidence. The Nets played against Medvedev and Nadal, and this time the Australian Open competed with Djokovic. He firmly believes that it is not too long for the post-90s like him to break through the “big three in the tennis world”. Similar statements, the young Nishikori Kei and Dimitrov both said, now it depends on who can achieve this goal first.