Taxi in Chengdu city will be suspended? Aircraft spraying medicine in Qingbaijiang area ? These are rumors !

New Coronavirus Pneumonia Named SARI Flow Legend Method: The Wuhan-based new coronavirus has been named SARI. 1. The new coronavirus has not been named SARI. SARI is severeeacuterespiratoryinfections (SARI), and Chinese is severe acute respiratory infection. This does not specifically refer to the current new coronavirus pneumonia. This is different from the familiar SARS (severeacuterespiratorysyndrome). 2. SARS was named SARS-CoV after the pathogenic virus was found in 2003, so SARS refers specifically to pneumonia caused by the SARS virus. 3. Although SARI and SARS are different, the meaning is different, and it is easy to misunderstand literally. After crushing the garlic, the mouth contains a bit longer than the oral drug flow that kills the virus. Legendary method: forward an antiviral method, try it: try to put it in the mouth with a garlic handle, bite after crushing, and spit it out. Oral medicine to destroy the new coronavirus and tell everyone you know. 1. Garlic belongs to the bulbs of the lily family, garlic. Folk medicine has a long history. It is reported that it can have antibacterial, antiviral, blood lipid, and blood pressure lowering effects. The reason is that it contains an active ingredient called garlic oil. However, according to the latest literature research, the pharmacological effects of garlic oil basically remain in animal models or in vitro experiments, and there is currently no evidence for in vivo and clinical experiments. 2. Step back 10,000 steps, even if garlic has an antiviral effect, there is no way to prevent the new coronavirus, because this is a respiratory disease, in addition to being entered through the mouth, it is also transmitted through the nasal cavity, dirty hands and rubbing the eyes, etc. It doesn’t make sense to bite a garlic, so you don’t have to do it anymore. Eat bananas will get a new type of coronavirus pneumonia flow legend: the old man at home said that eating bananas will not get this kind of coronary pneumonia, is it true? ——From the truer user @ 再不 瘦 We’re getting old. The new pneumonia virus originates from animals and is transmitted by animals. Banana is not its host. Unless you are in contact with bananas in a viral environment, don’t worry. If it is in a viral environment, then there is a possibility of infection regardless of how it is exposed, so it needs to be fully disinfected. A Zhejiang BL05 ** car sneaked back from Wuhan to Ganzhou in the past two days. A message appeared in the circle of friends and WeChat within the area of “Xingguo”, “The license plate number Zhejiang BL0535 has just returned from Wuhan. The person on the car was diagnosed. Everyone who came back and saw the alarm in time. ”Xiaobian found that the same message appeared in many places through searching, but only changed the place name in different places and the circle of friends. Xiaobian confirmed to the relevant unit that the license plate was not in the country. The motor vehicle registration system did not find that the vehicle appeared in Ganzhou within the scope of Ganzhou First Affiliated Hospital and all doctors entered the emergency state. “The Ganzhou First Affiliated Hospital was stationed and all doctors entered an emergency.” The new coronavirus epidemic has caused society It has attracted wide attention. There are also many discussions on WeChat groups, circle of friends, and Weibo. Some people who do not know the truth or even have ulterior motives are making up, misrepresenting false news, and rumors are bewildering. what on earth is it? Chen Jianjian, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College, responded. Chen Jianjian said that this statement was purely false rumors. Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the First Affiliated Hospital of Gan Yi Medical Center has insisted on putting the people’s life and health in the first place in order to prevent and control the epidemic It is planned to pre-screen the outpatient pre-trial points to the entrance of the hospital. Taking into account the recent drop in temperature and rainy weather, it was decided to build a tent to shelter patients and their families from the wind and rain. Patients will be diverted to different departments for medical examination after taking their temperature at the pre-trial point in the tent. Have you seen all this information? Hurry up and tell your friends. Do n’t make rumors. Do n’t believe rumors. Source: Comprehensive Network Editor: Huang Songlin Editing: Liu Min Statement: The opinions of this article only represent the author himself. Sohu is an information publishing platform. Sohu only provides information storage space services. Reading (0)