2020 CBA All-Star Weekend kicks off Du Feng and Zeng Fanri’s master-student battle is full of drama

Surging news On January 11, the 2020 CBA All-Stars opened in Guangzhou. This year’s All-Stars have a lot to see. In addition to the debut of Shougang’s Jeremy Lin, Marbury coached the Star-Race CBA Star-Rui team. Perhaps the most vexing appetite is the one-on-one one-on-one heads-up link added to the All-Star Game this year-the player Zeng Fanyi vs. coach Du Feng. This season’s All-Star weekend has a new heads-up link. In the voting of the fans, Zhao Rui will stage a one-on-one with Lin Shuhao who joined Shougang this season. Han Dejun replaced injured Zhou Qi to face Yi Jianlian. In addition, the focus is on Du Feng battled with Zeng Fanri’s apprenticeship. As Lin Shuhao’s teammate, Zhai Xiaochuan, who was interviewed before the All-Star Game, did not forget to tell Zhao Rui: “Be light, don’t hurt yourself.” In a burst of laughter from the surrounding media, Zhao Rui Yi, who was known for his tough style of the game, waved his hand: I ’ve changed the style of play now, it ’s the technical flow. ”He also said“ aggrieved ”:“ I have n’t had much contact with Haoge in private. I do n’t have him on WeChat, it ’s sad. ”During the game, Du Feng told Zeng Fan Japan has strict requirements. Whether it is fans or players, the one-on-one most anticipated by everyone is undoubtedly Zeng Fanri against Du Feng. Even Zhao Rui is full of lively mentality. Talking about how to see the master-apprentice showdown, he joked: “I’m sitting and watching.” “Everyone is happy to watch, because everyone knows that it is impossible to go to a real fight. In fact, it is mainly for entertainment, let everyone watch Have fun. “Zhao Rui said. However, he also showed a strong desire to survive: “Actually we had joked privately before, but I didn’t expect it to happen later. Anyway, I’m neutral. If I stand on the wrong side, I might work all the way behind. Nothing! “What is going on here? Before the beginning of this season, the CBA officially announced the documentary of the last season of the league. Among them, the Guangdong players have been “getting the lead script” and become the focus of the coach’s “care”. In the documentary, Guangdong team coach Du Feng reproached or praised him. If Zeng Fanri made a mistake on the court, he would be reprimanded by Du Feng-“Ari, can you be tough”, “Zeng Fanri, you A soft egg. ” The magical title “Ari” almost runs through. After the release of the documentary, Zeng Fanri and Du Feng became the object of ridicule by fans. This year’s All-Star weekend, the official specially arranged for them to head out one-on-one in the main midfield. Interestingly, on the evening of the 10th, Zeng Fanri also posted a Weibo, asking “What should I do to play with the leader the day after tomorrow? It’s very urgent to wait online.” In fact, the two agreed to raise each of the game results. If Du Feng loses Ball, do 100 push-ups on the spot. If you ever cheerleaders dance on the spot, such one-on-one will make fans look forward to it. The two will compete in the midfield of the All-Star Game on January 12. Fans teased that Zeng Fanri finally had the opportunity to “revenge”. A “good show” is waiting for everyone to stop. South District lineup: Du Feng (Guangdong) Assistant coach: Liu Weiwei (Zhejiang) Starting players: Yi Jianlian (Guangdong), Wang Zhelin (Fujian), Shen Zijie (Shenzhen), Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan (Guangdong) Substitute players: Chen Linjian (Fujian) , Hu Jinqiu (Guangsha), Fu Hao (August 1), Wu Guanxi (Jiangsu), Wu Qian (Zhejiang), He Xining (Shenzhen), Marcus Dengmeng (Zhejiang) North District Lineup Coach: A Jiang ( Xinjiang) Assistant coach: Guo Shiqiang (Liaoning) Starting players: Zhou Qi (Xinjiang), Han Dejun (Liaoning), Zhai Xiaochuan, Lin Shuhao (Beijing), Guo Ailun (Liaoning) Substitute players: Tao Hanlin (Shandong), Kolambek Makan ( Xinjiang), Shi Deshuai (Tianjin), Yuan Shuai (Shanxi), Zhao Jiwei (Liaoning), Fang Shuo (Beijing), Sun Yue (Beijing), editor of this issue