Wu Lei Posting a selfie to celebrate her 20th birthday, excited to show off the freshly released driver’s license

201912/2712: 33 Share return December 26th is the 20th birthday of artist Wu Lei. If you insist on it, you may become a post-00. I don’t know how I will spend my 20th birthday. Late at night, he exposed his own development, with a text, saying that at the age of twenty, he became a man of his own. In addition to celebrating his 20th birthday, he also showed off that he had a driver’s license.磊 Wu Lei wore a birthday crown and birthday candle glasses, took a photo with his driver’s license, exposed white teeth, and smiled happily. Congratulations, Wu Lei is over 20 years old and has become a talented person. Anyone who has tested the driver’s license knows what a thrilling experience. Although I can’t cry with joy at the moment I got the driver’s license, I can feel that it is really hard. I also had a birthday and a driver’s license. It was a double happiness. Netizens and fans congratulated Wang Lei, but why do so many people call Wu Lei a “baby”? Is this taking advantage? Some fans started teasing me. Would you like to get a marriage certificate with me next time? Wu Lei is actually nailing the driver’s license. He has previously set up a flag. Now that he has a driver’s license, he can be regarded as a man of words. Awesome! !! !! Wu Lei was born as a child star and started filming advertisements at the age of three. Since then, he has taken more than 50 advertisements within two years. Many people like Wu Lei because the sun is healthy and his positive personality is the positive energy of walking. I still remember that in the version of “The Condor Heroes” by Chen Xiao Chen Yanxi, the protagonist’s image was criticized, but the young Yang Guo played the role of Wu Lei, but it was red, not the other, because of the beauty, he was cute and naive when he laughed Pure, instantly powdered.混 He has been involved in the entertainment industry since he was a child. For Wu Lei, although he is young, in the eyes of many big brothers and elder sisters, he is a senior in the entertainment industry and a senior practitioner. He has a variety of camera senses. He has a high EQ in the show and knows what viewers and fans like. Some people say that Wu Lei has been with the crew since he was a child, and he has a high EQ for people. But whether it is worldly or true education, it depends on whether these actions are sincere. To tell the truth, Wu Lei’s future is boundless!