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The Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology announced today (December 17) the latest excavation results, and the first tomb was discovered. A large Tang Dynasty tomb with four patios and front and back brick voucher burial chambers was excavated in Yancun, Yanzhang Street, Konggang New Town, Xixian New District. The unearthed complete epitaph indicates that the tomb owner was Princess Tang Taiping ’s first incarnation, Ma Xueshao. It was buried on the first month of the second year of Shenlong (706). It is reported that the tomb of the Tang Dynasty Ma Duwei Xue Shao is a double-chamber brick tomb with a small patio and a small puppet on the slope. The north-south south-north-horizontal length is 34.68 meters and the depth is 11.11 meters. It consists of a through hole, 6 niches, front and back martyrdoms, and front and back burial chambers. The sealing soil is located directly above the back chamber, and there is no sign on the ground. The bottom plane is round and the diameter is about 20 meters. The tomb-hole system of the tomb is a vaulted soil hole, and a niche is opened on each of the east and west walls at the bottom of the second, third, and fourth passages. Over 100 pieces of various pottery figurines and pottery animals were unearthed in the tomb. The masonry bricks were sealed at the south exit of Qiangdao Road, causing serious damage. Only three layers of bricks were left at the bottom. The built-in stone gate in the former corridor has been destroyed, and the components are scattered in the corridor and the front room. According to local villagers, the ground closure was still quite large a few years ago. The slope of the tomb is steep, and the east and west walls are painted with murals. There are only white and gray ground battles, and the figures drawn by ink lines can be observed. The gate of the tomb is painted on the north wall, and only traces of red straight corrugated windows are visible. The four patios have the same shape, and the second patio is the most complete. It has a length of 1.3 meters from north to south and 1.1 meters from east to west. According to reports, the archeological value of Xue Shao’s tomb is that it is the earliest two-chamber brick coupon tomb buried in the post-Wu Zetian era. Combined with the high-level Tang tombs of the same period, it can be summarized in the “dragon pattern” of noble tombs in the Tang Dynasty. Wu Zetian to the early period of Xuanzong’s early Tang Dynasty political culture. Xue Shao, a man from Fen Yin in Hedong, and his father Xue Yan, are mothers of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin and the granddaughter Queen Chengyang. Princess Chengyang is the same mother and sister of Tang Gaozong Lizhi. For four years (688 years), the elder brother Xue Xun participated in the rebellion of Tang Chong Li Chong, and Wu Zetian ordered the execution of Xue Xun, which involved Xue Shao. Xue Shao “hundred rods and starved to death in prison.” Princess Taiping was pregnant with her fourth child. In the first year of the first year (690), Princess Taiping married Wu Youji. The love and marriage of Xue Shao and Princess Taiping attracted the attention of the public due to the popularity of the drama “Daming Palace Poetry”, but there are few records in the “Old Tang Book” and “New Tang Book”. “Old Tang Book · Princess Taiping Biography” records: Princess Taiping, Gaozong girl also. Yi Zetian was born with special grace. At the beginning, Yonglong descended on Ma Xueshao. Shao, the captivity and the kings conspired to ambush in the vertical arch, then Tianyi killed the wife of You to match the master. The princess is rich, with a wide forehead and multiple powers, but the sky is considered to be a kind of person. With every pre-advice, the palace is severe and the matter will not be leaked. “New Tang Book · Princess Taiping Biography” records: Princess Taiping was born by the Empress, and later loved by all daughters. Madam Rongguo died, and the beggar was a Taoist priest for the good luck. In Yifeng, Tubo asked the Lord to marry, and he did not want to give up, but he really built a palace, such as Fang Shixun, to refuse peace. For a long time, the main suit was a purple robe and a jade belt, folded into a towel, with fierceness, before the song and dance emperor. The emperor and his wife laughed and said, “Children are not military attachers, what is it?” The master said, “Is it a good idea to give a horse?” The emperor knew what he meant, and chose Xue Shaozhi. The fake Wannian County is a wedding hall, and the door can not accommodate Zhai cars. Shao died, marrying Wu Chengzhang more, and he would take care of the minor illnesses and faint. After killing Wu You and his wife to match the master. The main party has a wide range of conspiracy and many conspiracies, often referred to as “like me.” The inner and the master, and the outer guard, fear forever, there will be no hesitation in future generations. The New Tang Book added the grand scene of the marriage of Princess Taiping and Xue Shao in the second year of Yonglong: the illuminated torches burnt the trees along the way, and in order to let the large wedding car pass, the wall of Wannian County Pavilion had to be removed. Xue Shao’s daughter and his daughter Wanquan County’s epitaph mentioned that Xue Shao’s official position was “Sanqi Changshi, You Wuwei General”, and Feng Jue was the son of Pingyang County. The official position mentioned by his son Xue Chongjian’s epitaph is “Tai Changqing, General Zuo Qianniu.” The discovery of Xue Shao’s tomb may be helpful in clarifying this period of history.