Sad! Luoyang lost girl has been killed , and his leader confirmed the identity of the suspect

A few days ago, the girl who lost contact in Luoyang was killed by the police today. The suspect was a male colleague who drank with the girl. The last picture of the girl was taken at the suspect’s home. What is the specific situation? Take a look together. Lost girl in Luoyang was killed December 6, a few days before the public in Luoyang, Henan province. The girl who lost contact in Luoyang was confirmed today by the police. The suspect is a male colleague who drinks with the girl. The last picture before the girl died The picture was taken at the suspect’s home. What is the specific situation like? Take a look together. Luoyang missing girl killed on December 6, the official Weibo of the Luoyang City Public Security Bureau ’s police station in Henan Province released a message saying that the 20-year-old girl Di Hanxiao who had lost contact in Luoyang a few days ago had confirmed the murder and found that the girl ’s male colleague Li Tao is suspected of committing a major crime, and Li Moutao has been captured. Li Moutao confessed to the facts of his crime. It is reported that the girl had a drink at Li Moutao’s house before she lost contact. It is understood that after the incident, Li Moutao followed Di Hanxiao’s brother to the police station to record his confession. But on the second day, Di Han ’s younger brother, Mr. Di, called and said that he would go to watch the surveillance video with Li Moutao. According to community monitoring, at around 2 pm on the day of the crime, Di Hanxiao took Li Moutao’s electric bicycle to Li Moutao’s residence and never appeared again. At present, Di Hanxiao’s family only knows the contents of the police station. The specific situation is unclear. The police are still investigating.详情 Details of the incident of the girl killed Di Hanxiao, the girl who was killed, is just 20 years old this year. She is from Caidian Town, Caidian Township, Ruyang, Henan Province. She is a senior student in Henan University of Science and Technology. I just came to Luoyang this year to participate in an internship. I just worked as a customer service company in a company for more than two months. On December 1, I lost contact. On December 2nd, the company leader noticed that Di Hanxiao didn’t come to work for no reason, and his mobile phone could not get through, so he informed Di Hanxiao’s family. After Di Hanxiao’s brother arrived, he found that the important things in the place where the sister lived were still there, but the people were not in the rental house. Later, Di Hanxiao learned from her sister’s friend that her sister had sent a photo of her male colleague drinking at the house yesterday afternoon. Through this photo, Mr. Di found the male colleague Li Mootao and asked her sister where he was. Li Moutao said at the time that he did drink together that day, but only had a drink and went back at three or four o’clock. After that, Mr. Li Moutao went to the police station to record his confession. However, when Mr. Di went to Li Moutao to watch the surveillance video again the next day, he could not find Li Mootao. After a while, it was found that around 2 pm that day, Di Han laughed and went to Li Moutao’s residence, and never came out again. Li Moutao was identified as the biggest suspect and arrested at Yangquan Temple in Shanxi. Li Moutao confessed to the facts of his crime. The specific reasons have not been announced, and police are still investigating. In accordance with Article 22 of the “Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Information Network Dissemination”, that is, the “safe haven principle”, all articles and content on this site are uploaded by third-party authors. If there is any infringement, please contact this site to delete , This site does not assume responsibility for compensation for content dissemination. Tags: Film and TV Extended Reading: Ten Years of the World Inspirational Movies Ranking: Must See 10 Classic Inspirational Movies Recommended by Zhang Xiwen What TV series Zhang Xiwen played in the White Strongman Who ends how to wear the ring and meaning memory tips (dry goods share let You know it in seconds) Picture of a Japanese artist with a mole: Japanese beauty artist has a mole of rock sugar stew Sydney Bian Cheng Who played Tang Xue’s first love but could n’t be blackened?