Youth car officially went bankrupt Its “hydrogen car” once claimed to add water to run

Youth car official bankruptcy 2019-11-1811:19:43 Beijing Business Daily Beijing Business News (Reporter Qian Yuzhen Zhenyu) On November 18, the announcement issued by the People’s Court Bulletin Network showed that the bankruptcy property of the youth car has been distributed, In accordance with the provisions of Article 120 of the “Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the court ruled on October 21, 2019 that the procedures for the bankruptcy of youth cars were terminated. The amount of youth vehicles used for the settlement of ordinary bankruptcy claims is 205 million yuan, and the debt settlement rate is 28.47%. In August this year, the Youth Automobile Group filed for bankruptcy liquidation was rejected. The court held that the Youth Automobile Group and its affiliated companies mainly produce and sell new energy vehicles, which belong to the state support industry. Some of the core resources of the youth car series have operational value, the youth group is still operating, and there is no situation in which the assets can not be realized at all; although the youth automobile group has certain liquidity difficulties, there are self-consultation, government assistance, and investment introduction. The possibility of paying off debts in other ways. According to Tianyue data, the youth car was established in January 2001 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The legal representative is Pang Youth. The company has been listed as a breach of trust for 34 times. The latest one was in February this year. Have the ability to perform and refuse to fulfill the obligations of the legal instrument in force. Special statement: This article is uploaded and published by NetEase from the media platform “Netease” author, only represents the author’s point of view. Netease only provides information publishing platform.