Too fierce! PGC Global Finals Semifinals, PCL Division Four Chickens, sweeping the haze

99 stand-alone information current location: home game information game news 2019PGC semi-final second day PCL four even chicken 2019 Jedi survival global finals semi-final second day PCL six district five chickens 2019PGC semi-final second day PCL four even chicken 2019 Jedi Survival Global Finals Semifinal Day 2 PCL Division Sixth Bureau Five Chickens Published: 2019-11-1715:33:04 Source: 99 Game Editor: Gray 2019 Jedi Survival PGC Global Finals PGC Semifinal BC Group Day 2 Competition In the middle, PCL ruled the audience, 4AM, VC and iFTY won a total of five chickens, reached the achievements of PCL four chickens, six innings and five chickens. Are you very happy? The following small series brings the 2019PGC semi-final BC group For the second day of the game information, let’s take a look. The second day of the 2019PGC semi-final PCL four-legged chicken Beijing time this morning to carry out the “Jesus Survival” PGC Global Finals semi-final second day of the competition, Group B and Group C teams participated. China’s PCL Division 4AM team, VC team and iFTY team participated in the competition. Today, the three teams from China’s PCL Division played well. The first game of the island map 4AM team killed 15 “eat chicken” and won the first chicken in the PGC semi-final of China PCL. The second island map iFTY team “eat chicken”; the third 4AM team “eat chicken” again, get the first place; to the rainforest map, the VC team also got a “chicken”, today’s China PCL competition area The team has a “chicken”; the last desert map, the VC team once again “eat chicken.” According to statistics, in the six games today, the Chinese PCL team scored 5 “chickens”. Currently in the total standings, VC ranked first with 79 points, 4AM with 77 points ranked second (less one day), and the two teams basically locked in the finals. iFTY currently ranks fifteenth in terms of total scores, and QM has one less day and is ranked nineteenth. Tomorrow will be the semi-final AC group competition, the top 16 teams will compete for the 2019 PGC Global Finals championship. Jedi Survival PGC Global Finals – Semi-final 2nd Day Video Click to watch the above is the second day of the PGC semi-final BC group game for Xiaobian. I hope to help players.