LOL: Winter transfer period is about to open, and the directors, Uzi and other star players are facing contract expiration!

Original: The S9 Finals will be held on the evening of November 10th. After the finals, the teams in the major teams will have an important winter transfer period. The teams that want to strengthen the signing will be in the game. During the winter transfer period, a lot of personnel operations were carried out. Then, which day of the winter transfer period begins this year, according to the player contract and the transfer period of last year, the big probability will be the following days. [2019LPL winter transfer official announcement message summary]>>>Click to enter <<< last year's winter transfer period end time is November 16, but considering the end of last year's finals is November 3, this year's S9 finals is over The time is November 10th, and the calculation is postponed for one week. The end of the 2019 winter transfer period will probably be around November 23. In addition, according to the contract expiration time of the two teams of iG and RNG, the starting time of this year's transfer period may be November 16th, so that there will be a week for players to discuss the transfer with other favorite teams. However, the league stipulates that before the transfer period begins, the players cannot contact other teams, and even other team players cannot have recruitment activities, otherwise they will be considered illegal. However, during the contract period, the home team may complete the renewal with the player in advance, this operation does not have to wait until the transfer period begins. Of course, if there is no intention to renew the contract between the team and the players, it may be announced in advance, which will help the future planning of both parties. For example, the West and Duke of the iG team announced the departure of the contract before the contract expired. Most teams will announce relevant news soon after completing the appointment or transfer, but some teams will be released to the Demascia Cup before the new season lineup. For the fans of each team, there will be a variety of gossips in the first two or two weeks after the finals. It is true or not, and it will be subject to the official announcement. I believe this time will make many fans suffer. . It is better for everyone to relax and look at the transfer of the players.