Level 9 gusts in the air! Beijing released Gale yellow warning

Expert analysis: The maximum instantaneous wind power in Beijing around noon can reach 8-9 (2014-12-1509:38:19) 15-16 days, a cold air will affect China. Guo Jianxing, a professional meteorological station expert in Beijing, analyzed at 9:00 on December 15th. From the situation of the strong wind, this cold air force is very strong. First, there will be two consecutive days of 5 and 6 windy weather in Beijing today and tomorrow. The cold air has affected the main urban area from 5 to 6 o’clock in the morning, and the north wind wind has gradually increased. The current average wind power is 4 to 5, and the maximum wind speed exceeds 10 m/s, including Chaoyang, Fengtai and Haidian. Shijingshan, Guanxiangtai, Mentougou, Fangshan, Changping and Tongzhou, the largest wind in Shijingshan, is 16.9 m / s, equivalent to 7 winds. It is expected that the biggest wind power today is around noon, and the maximum wind speed is expected to reach 8 and 9. Instant winds 8 and 9 are another feature of this cold air activity. The winds of Grades 5 and 6 for two consecutive days and the gusts of Grades 8 and 9 today are uncommon in the cold air activities affecting Beijing. Therefore, the activity list of this cold air is very strong in terms of wind power. Around noon today, the average wind is about 6 or so, and the gusts are 8 and 9, especially the winds of Chaoyang, Haidian, Tongzhou and Changping are the biggest, and the wind will be significantly reduced until midnight. >>>> Why is the gust wind relatively large? >>>>Data Emperor’s weather: Can the 8th wind blow the thin man? Guo Jianxing said that from the cooling situation brought to Beijing by this cold air, it is not very strong. One is that today, after the cold air comes, the highest temperature in the day is expected to be around 3 °C. Compared with yesterday, the drop is about 3 °C. The highest temperature in the southern suburbs yesterday was 6.2 °C. From the lowest temperature, during the cold air activity, the minimum temperature between today and tomorrow is expected to drop to minus 6 ° C to minus 7 ° C. Compared with the cold weather that affected Beijing earlier this month, the minimum temperature drop is also Not the biggest, the minimum temperature during the cold air activity at the beginning of the month dropped to minus 9.5 °C. Therefore, from the cooling situation, the intensity of this cold air activity is not the strongest. However, the coldness of the weather is something that we cannot ignore. Because after noon today, the temperature will be lower and lower under the influence of cold advection. Coupled with the wind-cold effect formed by the windy weather, the weather can be said to be very cold. Everyone must pay attention to wind and cold, and pay attention to the use of fire. Safety, pay attention to the safety problems caused by the windy weather. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a warning of the blue wind warning and the forest fire risk. >>>>The danger of strong winds on urban life