Basa Charity Night Photo Album, the editor-in-chief actually let the Rocket Girl wearing a miniskirt go to the front row?

Original title: Bazaar Charity Night Photo, no one dares to stand C, the host is anxious for 16 days, the annual Bazaar Charity Night is held, in the big photo, compared to the last fight, this The host of the field repeatedly cue everyone to move closer to the middle, and the stars who participated in the group were very modest and polite. It is reported that Liu Tao, Shu Qi, Guan Zhilin, Yang Zi, Gulin Naza, Zhao Liying, Liu Shishi and many other stars attended the event, and the lineup was very dazzling. Liu Tao passively became the “C-bit”. At the beginning of this photo, Liu Tao was also singing in the center of Taichung. The star guests all stepped forward and automatically surrounded Liu Tao. Liu Tao naturally stood as “C-bit.” “. Presumably, Liu Tao does not want to stand in this position, but the left and right sides are the organizer Sha Xiaoying, and the other side is the senior seniors of the entertainment industry, Guan Zhilin. It is not convenient to pull out. Yao Chen and Shu Qi are also in the middle of the position. According to seniority and café, such a position is actually more appropriate. You can see that when you take a photo, everyone is more cautious, and Yang Zi, Guan Xiaotong and other popular flowers automatically stand on the side. Yi Qian and his classmates actually stood in the corner of the most side. It is not that the true love powder is estimated to be missed. And a little bit in the middle of the position, everyone stood very restrained, Zhou Dongyu and Naza vacated almost one person. Lei Jiayin and Xiao Zhan stood in the order of the seats. Lei Jiayin, Xiao Zhan, baby and others on the other side of the stage stood very quickly and neatly. If you look closely, you can see that they are standing in the order of the seats under the stage. At this time, Liu Tao had just finished singing. The first round of qualifying came to an end and everyone went to the stage. It was just that the countertop was crowded, so the host suggested that the Rocket Girl 101 combination and UNINE in the back row be combined into the first row. The younger little brother and sister immediately joined the first row and spontaneously collapsed. The first row of handsome guys is also very eye-catching. Nazar Zhou Dongyu intimately talked to avoid the middle of the host to let everyone gather in the middle, the first row of women’s team members have adjusted. It can be seen that Naza, who was in the second row, did not move. He also whispered in the direction of Zhou Dongyu, and did not know what was important. The embarrassing thing is that there was a big gap between Naza and Yao Chen at this time. Originally in the second row, Zhong Chuzhen ran to the third row. The host found that there were a lot of vacancies. I had already prepared to take pictures, and I had to get up again to organize everyone to “fill the vacancies”, but everyone did not seem to cooperate very well. This kind of result is unexpected, and it is a bit embarrassing. The host has been saying “helping, helping out”, almost pleading, and it is estimated that he is crying. Even Sha Xiaoli, the organizer who has already stood in the position, has to personally dispatch, and Guan Zhilin seems to be impatient, and has copied a little. Not to mention the C position, even the position in the middle has become a “hot potato”, which star on the scene does not dare to rely on this headline. Fortunately, the process was difficult, and everyone finally completed the photo. Although the moderator was very hard, this process made the netizens watch the music and said, “Li Ai is pleading for them.” In fact, the audience understands that most of the stars participate in the Bazaar Charity Night for the cause of public welfare, with a love to contribute their strength. It can only be said that the impact of the previous events is too bad, so that the stars have a strong psychological shadow on the photo, I hope that netizens can also look at the photos in a normal way, so that the stars can easily do public welfare.