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Green Shanghai pays attention to the 2019 Shanghai International Marathon release, and the launch of this year is still from the Bund Jinniu Square, the end is located in the Shanghai Stadium. Along the way, you will pass through many beautiful scenic spots. Come and see what beautiful places will pass through the running. Jing’an District departs from the Bund and enters the Nanjing West Road section through People’s Square. Nanjing West Road was built in 1862, formerly known as Jing’an. Temple Road, there is a Jing’an Park on Nanjing West Road. There are 32 centuries-old sycamore trees in the park. Run through Jing’an Park and enter the Huashan Road and Changshu Road stages. Huashan Road starts from Yuyuan Road in the north and Hengshan Road in the south. Its length spans three districts of Jing’an, Changning and Xuhui. This time, it will pass through the Jing’an section of Huashan Road. Among them, Huashan Road and Changshu Road are the designated avenues of the city. Many tall sycamore trees are planted on both sides of the road. Not only that, but Changshu Road is still the deciduous landscape road this year. Remember to come back and have a look at the small partners who have finished running. Beautiful deciduous landscape. Huangpu District enters the Huaihai Middle Road Stage. Huaihai Middle Road is located in the Xintiandi Business Circle. There are also four named avenues in the city. Among them, Huaihai Middle Road is one of the longest and oldest avenues in Shanghai. The night lights on Huaihai Zhong Road attract tourists from all over the world. After 10 kilometers, the player entered the Madang Road stage. The Madang Road starts from Jinling West Road and ends at Xujiahui Road. It is more than 1,000 meters long. It has opened Dahua Bookstore, one of the four largest bookstores on the beach. The square park at the end of Madang Road is a good place for tourists from all walks of life to take a cool walk. Have you seen this open-air movie this summer? Passing through the Xintiandi business district and passing through the riverside section of the Nanpu Bridge, you can embark on the beautiful Huangpu River Riverside Trail. The Huangpu Riverside Trail is one of the 45km public spaces on the banks of the Pujiang River in 2017. At the beginning of this year, on the Huangpu Riverside Greenland. A new “friendly forest” green space has been added, and the green area after completion is about 2,505 square meters. This time, the South Bund section of the Huangpu Riverside Trail passes through the river and faces the Expo Park across the river. You can also look at the beautiful banks of the Pujiang River while running. This feeling is not too good. Xuhui District has come down from the Huangpu River Riverside Trail to the Longteng Avenue, which is known as the “Art Museum Avenue”. From the Dragon Art Museum to the Oil Tank Art Center, Longteng Avenue has become a popular art district. In addition, Longteng Avenue is also one of the newly established avenues in the city. The Xuhui Riverside Green Space on Longteng Avenue is a popular public area with high popularity. In the spring, nearly 140 cherry trees bloomed outside the Dragon Art Museum. It is called the most beautiful cherry forest in Xuhui District by netizens. You also know which beautiful neighborhoods you will pass this time to come to the message area and tell Lv Rongjun! Source: Wenhui Daily, the news, Xinmin Evening News, the city, the city, the city, the city, the city, the history, the reading, the point, that is, read the official announcement! The garbage classification publicity database is online! Quickly poke in to learn more details~” “Domestic garbage classification query function is online! No longer have to worry about throwing the wrong place in the garbage.” “Mo tangled, garbage classification has logic! “” Authoritative release, refused to accept the shipment! For the rejection of domestic garbage that does not meet the classification quality standards, the original title: “2019 Shanghai International Marathon is running away, every road passing through is landscape.”