A foreign 9-year-old child prodigy will graduate from University and has developed a microchip. Netizen: This is Superman.

Loading Reference News Network reported on November 15 that the media said that 9-year-old Laurent Simmons is about to complete university studies. According to the German “Der Spiegel” weekly website reported on November 12, Laurent Simmons is often called a genius or prodigy. Now, the little boy who grew up in Belgium and the Netherlands is about to take a bachelor’s degree at the Eindhoven University of Technology. And he is only 9 years old. In the summer of 2018, Laurent entered the prestigious university in the southeastern part of the Netherlands to study electrical engineering. The talented boy of IQ 145 completed primary school in Belgium at a record speed. He entered the school at the age of 4 and completed the elementary school in just two years and then went directly to high school. In the summer of 2018, Laurent’s father said in an interview: “We later noticed that he was smarter than other children. Although his grandparents had told us that he was very special, who parents would not treat their grandchildren like this? In the high school of Bruges, Laurent was taught separately. The teachers sent him two years of study materials, and Laurent read the materials at home. At school, teachers ask questions to find out if he has all the knowledge and the opportunity to ask him questions. Laurent is one of the youngest high school graduates in the world. Last year, he entered the Eindhoven University of Technology. Laurent’s speed of study at the university is also amazing: other students need to learn something for 8 weeks, and he learns it in a week. His form of study at the university is also one-on-one. His professor said: “This is an adventure, but it is very interesting.” Professors sometimes forget that their super student is still a child: once in the lab, Laurent can’t solve the wires, just because there is not enough strength. Laurent is very interested in technology and the natural sciences. He said: “There will be a technical solution to climate change one day. We should increase investment in research and technology.” At the end of undergraduate study, Laurent developed A microchip that tests brain cell responses. He said: “I hope to develop something that will extend the life of human beings.” It is unclear whether Laurent continues to pursue a master’s degree in Eindhoven or continues his studies in the United States or Germany. Laurent, a 9-year-old boy, is about to take a bachelor’s degree at the Eindhoven University of Technology. (Germany “Der Spiegel” weekly website)