“The sin” is too unlucky! Surgical accident coma, but the marriage is broken and suffering from anxiety

Home>Entertainment>Star Dynamics>Inland Stars>Xu Dongdong’s surgery for powder tumor surgery has been rescued from life. Xu Dongdong has done surgery for accidental rescue. He has escaped from life. Source: Ai Xiumei 2019-11-0717:49:14 :Easy [Introduction]: Recently, Xu Dongdong’s accident in the operation caused a hot discussion on the Internet. On November 7, there was news that Xu Dongdong had an accident during the operation of the atheroma, and he was transferred to the hospital for emergency treatment. What is going on? Let’s take a look! Xu Dongdong had an accident in surgery. On November 7, Xu Dongdong had an accident in the operation. On November 6, actor Xu Dongdong did an accident when he was doing a resection of the tumor in the cosmetic surgery hospital. The plastic surgery hospital was sent to the emergency center for rescue. It is now out of danger. However, from the photos exposed, Xu Dongdong is still in a coma. Xu Dongdong’s role in “The Sin” is impressive. Why was this so careless? Speaking of Xu Dongdong, you may think that she played the wonderful part of Zhang Yishan’s “Dayu” in “The Remnant”, especially the entanglement and entanglement between her and Zhang Yishan. It can be said that it caused quite a stir at that time. And with the outstanding figure, it is a lot of online. According to media reports, Xu Dongdong was an accident when he was performing surgery in a plastic surgery hospital. When he was doing a resection of the powder tumor, because the artery was too close to the accident, it was good to save the time and it was now out of danger. Judging from the exposure picture, Xu Dongdong was very weak in bed, his body was wrapped tightly, and his eyes were not closed. It is estimated that the damage caused by the surgery was too great. Moreover, because the plastic surgery hospital did not have such emergency measures, it had to be transferred to a large hospital for treatment. It can be seen that this plastic surgery hospital is not a large scale. This is a mistake that Xu Dongdong chose in the hospital. Fortunately, there is no danger to people now. . I hope Xu Dongdong will recover soon! Xu Dongdong doing surgery, it is reported that Xu Dongdong is doing a pink tumor resection. Don’t get me wrong, the pink tumor resection surgery has nothing to do with the plastic surgery that the public understands. It is reported that the so-called “powder tumor” refers to a sebaceous gland cyst, which is mainly caused by a sebaceous gland drainage tube, and the sebaceous gland sac epithelium is gradually expanded by the content of the swelled cyst. Sebaceous gland cysts are often complicated by infection, causing the cyst to rupture and temporarily subside, but it forms scars and is prone to recurrence. It is reported that the powder tumor can only be completely eradicated after surgery. However, because general hospital surgery will leave more obvious scars, people with conditions usually choose to undergo plastic surgery or formal beauty surgery. It is estimated that Xu Dongdong will go to the plastic surgery hospital to avoid the stubble. Powder tumor resection surgery is a very small operation, I did not expect an accident, but fortunately Xu Dongdong has been out of danger, I hope she can recover as soon as possible. However, this also reflects Xu Dongdong’s love of beauty as always. In fact, Xu Dongdong’s body and face value is very good, it is a full-bodied beauty, and she is even called by the media as “the successor of Liu Yan.” Moreover, Xu Dongdong also appeared in many film and television dramas for several years, but the best known is “The Remnant.” Xu Dongdong, who played “Dayu” Shen Jiawen in “Yu Shou” starring Zhang Yishan, has attracted attention because of his excellent body. Xu Dongdong and her 15-year-old Hong Kong artist Yin Ziwei were ridiculed as “beauty and beast” when they were in a public relationship. In August this year, Xu Dongdong and Yin Ziwei announced that they were very excited when they broke up. It is enough to prove the beauty of Xu Dongdong in their hearts. Although it is beautiful enough, Xu Dongdong is still very beautiful, very much mind about her body and hair color, etc. In her personal social account, 10 microblogging may be 7 feeling that she is too fat, and there is a propaganda, 2 The article self-doubts the details of his appearance and conducts in-depth research. It can be seen that Xu Dongdong is a person who pursues perfection. It is completely understandable to go to a plastic surgery hospital for powder tumor surgery. Next: Last page label: Xu Dongdong