MSCI third stage expanding A shares came, about 280 billion incremental funds waiting

01/ Beijing state-owned enterprises have new actions and 4 new city management companies merged and reorganized 02/rich list reshuffle! Ma Yunlian champion Wang Jianlin Li Yanhong shrunk nearly half of the 03/National Fund Phase II: Registered capital nearly 200 billion to promote the development of the chip industry 04 / Distillation “salvation” by the wind: the best era has passed the market “change” 05 / Ma Yun : I was not interested in money. I am not interested in making money now. 06/The first version of the competition: Multi-sectoral coordination and strict prevention have already withdrawn from the production capacity. “Resurgence of the 07″/Chongqing Top 50 Housing Enterprises Jinyang Real Estate Fund Puzzle: Less than 10 people in the office area E-cigarette survival under the 08/most strict “ban” / 09 / suspected of discriminating against women dripping a slap in the face 10 / US Senator: Anyone who ignores the Chinese market is short-sighted 01 / Kangmei Pharmaceuticals thunder: Guangdong Puning Finance and Taxation issued a “grab” mobilization 02 / Li Ka-shing company suddenly fired: 2 days mad 300% “magic vaccine” to come 03/MSCI expansion A-share third step confirmation: a large number of mid-cap shares for the first time (list ) 04 / SMIC International lithography machine supply was suspended to replace the concept of stocks soaring (list) 05 / Hong Kong stocks straight up what happened? There are two good news outbreaks 06/chip one brother diving down A share replacement concept stocks soaring (list) 07/November 7 listed company evening announcement delivery 08/financial financing progress is not up to expectations Shenwu environmental protection focus The project has been shut down 09/10 blogs to see the market outlook: three major signals suggest that the market is about to rise 10/ Guojin chief strategist Li Lifeng: “Deep autumn market” hope to continue until December 01/November 8 in the sale of high-yield bank financing Product list 02 / 5 million cash can not take? How does the large amount of cash management tighten the spell 03/ “Z generation” of the future bank will look like? 04/State Council: Cancellation of Business Scope of Financial Institutions and Other Financial Institutions in China 05/Financial Subsidiary Recruitment Hot and Medium-Term Incentive Machines to Make Talents Means 06/State Council: Comprehensive Cancellation of Financial Institutions of Foreign Banks and Other Financial Institutions in China 07/10 Months Bank The time deposit rate is lowered by one year, and the deposit interest rate is up to 2.33? / Huishang Bank is granted wholesale and sustainable bonds. Small and medium-sized banks are expected to set off capital replenishment tide 09/foreign capital 20 release heavy profits to expand and open up to fully accelerate the landing 10/ China Foundation Publicity and loss of private placements, bankers, bankers, and gold executives are listed