Clear immigration camp, push immigration visa quota system, France wants to “recapture immigration control”

On November 7, the French police checked the tents of the immigrants while cleaning up an area in northern Paris. IC chart On November 7, the French police cleared two large immigrant tent camps in the north of Paris. One day before this, the French government announced a number of more stringent immigration policies. According to Reuters, on November 7, more than 1,600 immigrants were taken to the bus by the police at the La Chapelle Metro Station in Paris, France, and in the Seine-Saint-Denis area in the suburbs of Paris. For a long time, immigrants have built tents in these areas and placed simple residential facilities to form large-scale immigration tent camps. Didier Lallement, the head of the Paris Police Department, told reporters at the camp that “I will no longer tolerate these (tent) facilities on Paris roadsides and other public places.” Most of these immigrants living in tent camps From sub-Saharan Africa, and some from the Middle East. After the tents were cleared, they took the bus in an orderly manner and were taken to the stadiums and other public places in Paris and its surrounding areas. Lalemont said that the police will be stationed in the area for a long time in the next few weeks to prevent immigrants from returning. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), just a day ago, the French government announced a number of more stringent immigration policies, including the implementation of visa quotas for foreign workers outside the EU countries. French Prime Minister Edward Phillips said, “We hope to regain control of our immigration policy.” Philip has not publicly challenged the existing EU asylum system. “Regaining our immigration policy means opposing abuse of the right to asylum and opposing illegal immigration. France will play its part in ‘European reconstruction,’” Philip said. According to a report by on November 6, some analysts said that France has launched a new initiative that has never been seen before, or that French President Mark Long tried to alleviate the criticism of right-wing voters about the government’s ineffective protection of French workers.