Child safety! Kindergarten poisoning died How is the truth? 9-year-old boy community killed surveillance exposure

201911/0715:39 share return On November 5, a 9-year-old boy was killed in a murder case at the Shangcheng Community in Huitang, Yatang Village, Changsha. Mr. Luo, the boy’s family, told the news that the incident occurred at noon on the same day. After the child went to the next door to go to the school next door, the students unfortunately happened. The video provided by the family showed that on the cement road of the community road where the car was parked, a man sat on the boy with the video photographer sitting on it, the boy’s limbs spread out, and the men’s pants fell off the hips and exposed to the crowd. Waving a short iron bar-like item and shouting. Another video from the family showed that the perpetrator was eventually subdued by an old man, and the boy’s head had blood on his head. Mr. Luo introduced that his family lived in 4 buildings. The children were 9 years old and weighed 70 pounds. At present, they have not been exposed to the family of the man. “After forty minutes, the police and ambulances rushed to the scene, but the children have not been saved.” On November 6, the property of the community, Changsha City, Taitai Property Management Co., Ltd. Huicheng Shangzhu Property Management Office released to all owners A notice: “Dear dear owners, you are good, what happened yesterday at noon, everyone and I are very sad, things have already happened, we are actively cooperating with the investigation of the public security organs, we have increased since last night. The personnel carried out the patrol of the community, including the staff of our office, who participated in the night inspection. The murderer was still at the police station yesterday. Don’t guess…” On November 7, the director of Huicheng Shangzhu Property told the news, the murder The man surnamed Feng, moved to the community on the 1st of this month. According to another report, a policeman in charge of the Yuhuating police station in charge of the community said that the perpetrators have been arrested.