32 years old Liu Yifei was elected to Hollywood new star! Debut in 17 years, American Chinese are also proud of China

Author: Jill fleshy believe you have been out recently from the boiling thermal shock to the search bar. Wuli Shenxian sister returned to Hollywood’s first bomb, broke into the “Hollywood’s Rising Young Stars” list, this strength and popularity, is it worth your knees? And Liu Yifei’s profile white shirt with red pleated skirt is too goddess, simple yet design sense, it is not easy to get so good. Liu Yifei was selected as a Hollywood star Although Liu Yifei is not dominant in this new star list, but the unsuccessful work “Hua Mulan” has long been a long-awaited. Liu Yifei is on the list. It is said that this time Liu Yifei once again went to Hollywood. The aura of Disney’s giant “Mulan” “big girl” is enough to shock the audience. From Liu Yifei’s confirmation of participation to fixed makeup to killing, this heat has never been cut. It can be seen that netizens are looking forward to the transformation of Shenxian’s sister on the screen. Liu Yifei’s “Mulan” style and why is it to fight Hollywood, the editor here to weaken to remind netizens. As early as 2008, Liu Yifei participated in a Hollywood blockbuster “King of Kung Fu”, starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and Liu Yifei was the female actor Jin Yanzi. At that time, the box office of the movie was also very high, but there was no news of cooperation between Liu Yifei and Hollywood. And you said that it is a coincidence that the two Hollywood works are all ancient costumes, and they all choose the red style. In this new star movie, Liu Yifei also chose a red dress. Is it deep love for the red dress, or is it too much for the red department? ! “King of Kung Fu” Liu Yifei and I believe that many domestic netizens’ impression of Liu Yifei is still fluttering in the white skirt, because the image of the fairy sister is too deep. But today editors must seriously tell you that Liu Yifei wearing a red dress is also a beautiful fairy. Shen Xian’s sister Liu Yifei Liu Yifei’s blockbuster In many previous films, Liu Yifei tried the shape of the red fairy skirt, adding infinite vitality to the fairy flutter. When playing Call for “Second Generation Fairy”, Liu Yifei also replaced his pet comet with the same red dress. Beautiful and lovely goddess, how can people not love? Liu Yifei’s pet cat Liu Yifei’s “Second Generation Fairy” stills Liu Yifei and the comet. In the early years, the goddess Liu Yifei played a red dress at various press conferences and red carpets. However, this wave of modeling is not suitable for everyday wear. At the end of the year’s annual meeting or bang, it is possible to rely on a Liu Yifei with the red dress to steal the mirror. After all, from tailoring details to beaded accessories, Liu Yifei’s red dress style is all about the goddess of high goddess. Combined with the trend of heat in recent years, pick a retro red dress may be able to win. Liu Yifei red carpet model Liu Yifei wearing red halter dress retro goddess fan red skirt with recommendation: retro goddess fan red skirt with recommended ALEXISNoerene dress price about 6040 yuan VALENTINOGaravani rivet patent leather high heels price about 7100 yuan ROSANTICAGhizlan metal ring handle feather handbag price About 9337 yuan MIUMIU satin rose crystal inlaid tassel charm collar price of about 9,000 yuan In addition to the bang, the red skirt is not completely unsuitable for everyday wear. For example, the red skirt of Liu Yifei’s college style, adding the design of the bow or doll collar, can make the eye-catching red skirt instantly low-key and literary. Even if it is worn everyday, it will not be too eye-catching. Liu Yifei photo photo Liu Yifei Liu Yifei wearing a doll collar red skirt college wind red dress with recommendations: cute wind red dress with ALESSANDRARICH wave point silk long dress price about 13957 yuan GIACOUTUREgirl55 tie knotted high heels price about 3739 yuan ROSANTICACassady pearl flower inlaid portable The package price is about 6526 yuan JENNIFERBEHRValerie hairpin price is about 449 yuan MIUMIU large crystal inlaid clip earrings price about 2592 yuan statement: Sina posted this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean agree with it View or confirm its description.