Chen Sihan died Xie Ning lay the gun, full screen “go all the way”, the deity is helpless: still preparing for the second child

Sina Entertainment News on the 6th, the actor Cheng Sihan [microblogging] died due to the heart attack, at the age of 58, will go out on the morning of November 8. Cheng Sihan was born in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province in 1961. He has been active in large and small screens for many years. He has appeared in “Water Margin”, “Smile Face Tiger Zhu Fu”, “Wulin Foreign History”, “Golden Not Changed”, “Fengyun Xiongxiaxia”, “The Third Pig Emperor”, “Little Fish and Flowers”, “Li Dazui”, “Famous Flower Drum”, “Zhu Mao” and the movie “Journey to the Devil”, “Watching Weihushan” and so on. Early experience Cheng Sihan was born in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province in 1961. When Cheng Sihan was young, he did not think about his own actor. After graduating from high school, he worked as a driver for five years between October 1979 and March 1984, driving a Yellow River dump truck. In October 1983, Cheng Sihan hit a carriage while driving, causing a comminuted fracture. After the accident, Cheng Sihan was sent to repair the car by the unit. After repairing a car, he resumed his original job, but a second car accident occurred. These two accidents made him feel that he was not suitable as a driver, so he decided to change his career. In 1986, 25-year-old Cheng Sihan was admitted to Harbin Normal University Art School, specializing in arts and crafts design. Because of the breakup with his girlfriend at the time, Cheng Sihan, who was trapped in love, gave up his graduation and went to Hainan for development. Performing experience In 1989, he starred in the first film “Love”; in 1992, Beifang became a dragon actor; in 1997, he participated in the costume love tragedy “Sunset Forbidden City”; in 1998, he participated in the costume drama “Water Margin” In 2001, he appeared in the costume martial arts drama “Wulin Foreign History”; in 2002, he participated in the shooting of the fantasy martial arts drama “Fengyun Xiongxiaxia”; in 2005, he participated in the costume martial arts drama “Little Fish and Flowers” In 2006, he participated in the performance of the love movie “Veil”; in 2007, he appeared in the spy war drama “No. 51 Soldiers Station”; in 2008, he participated in the Republican love drama “Woman Flower”; in 2010, he filmed the mythical TV series ” Journey to the West (Zhejiang version); In 2011, participated in the urban emotional drama “Leasing a girlfriend to go home for the New Year”; in 2012, starred in the modern legendary drama “My name is Wang Land”; in 2013, participated in the costume mythology film ” In the year of 2014, he participated in the 3D spy war action movie “Intelligence Tiger Mountain”. Family life Cheng Sihan has experienced two marriages, and has a daughter and a son. His son is Cheng Zezhen. (Editor: Xiao Xiaoying)