Don’t blame him! Hardden changed his mouth to support Xiao Hua, Morey silent or fans lost their last good impression on rocket

Beijing time on October 9th news, James Harden in a recent interview, expressed support for NBA President Adam Shaw’s view on “freedom of speech.” Harden said: “We should all have freedom of speech. This world should be like this. Everyone has the right to say their own ideas, some express others will agree, some express others will not agree. This is what we need to bear, so I support Xiao Hua.” Earlier, Xiao Hua made two statements, saying that NBA players have freedom of speech. Prior to this, Harden had apologized for Darrell-Morey’s false statements about Hong Kong. Original title: Harden: Supporting Xiao Hua’s point of view Everyone has the freedom of speech to extend reading: Harden apologizes to Chinese fans! We apologize, we love China Beijing time on October 7th, according to Agence France-Presse reported that Rockets general manager Darrell Morey’s irresponsible remarks in the continued fermentation, in the Morey and NBA officials issued a statement, but After a clear apology, the Rockets core James Harden officially said in an interview that he apologized to Chinese and Chinese fans. “We apologize, we love China (Weapologise. WeloveChina),” Harden said in an interview, and at this time, his new teammate Wei Shao also stood by his side. The Rockets are currently preparing for the preseason in Japan. After the Morley incident continued to ferment, today Wei Shao and Harden accepted the interview. Harden expressed his apology. “We like to play and play in China. We (Hadden and Wei Shao) will go to China once or twice a year. The fans there have given us enough support, and we are grateful for this.” Harden continued. .