Xiao Hua arrived in Shanghai overnight, greeted him with coolness! NBA fans night has been canceled

Today, “NBA President Xiao Hua arrived in Shanghai” caused concern. Xiao Hua was in a hurry after the end of the NBA Japan game. He arrived in Shanghai early this morning in Beijing time, hoping to properly resolve the incident as soon as possible. However, it was greeted by him. On October 9, Beijing time, the Shanghai Sports Federation issued an official announcement. In view of the irresponsible remarks made by NBA Rockets general manager Morey and the unspeakable statement of NBA president Xiao Hua, it was originally scheduled to be 9 The night of the NBA fans held at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center will be cancelled. On the morning of October 9, the reporter visited the venue of the competition – Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center. The venue’s peripheral sponsor booth, the NBALogo-branded signboard has been successively removed, and the streetlight billboards on both sides of the road were also demolished overnight, and the NBA elements were almost impossible to see. According to @新浪NBA news, the street light billboard of the NBA China Race Shanghai Station has been demolished. Video screenshot. Source: @詹姆斯中文网 Emperor China Games Shanghai station has already set up a good business showcase has also been removed … video screenshots. Source: Netease Sports Xiao Hualai did not apologize before China yesterday, Xiao Hua said at a press conference held in Tokyo, Japan that CCTV suspended the NBA broadcast is regrettable. This is his second public response to the matter, but he still has not apologized. He also mentioned that he has “direct communication” with Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association. Yao Ming is “very sad” and “very angry”, but he hopes to “final reconciliation” with Yao Ming. Further reading: CCTV again warns Xiaohua NBA: China does not eat your two sides and three knives. After Morey did not apologize for the wrong comments on the Hong Kong issue, and the NBA did not punish, NBA President Xiao Hua publicly expressed his support for Morey’s right to freedom of speech. On October 8, the CCTV Sports Channel of the Central Radio and Television General Administration issued a statement again, deciding to suspend the NBA tournament broadcast arrangements. A spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear that it is not feasible to exchange and cooperate with the Chinese side but not understand the Chinese national opinion. Obviously, “Xiao Huamen” uses “freedom of speech” as a shield, which is intentionally misinterpreting the concept of confusion. The so-called freedom of speech has never been absolute. Any speech that challenges national sovereignty and social stability is not a category of freedom of speech. The sophistry of Xiao Hua and Morey can only explain their ulterior motives and arrogance. Xiao Hua continued to argue in the latest statement. What is said, the values of equality, respect, and freedom of speech have long defined the NBA. But equality or respect is all mutual. Morey’s wrong remarks do not respect China’s sovereignty and national dignity. Xiao Hua’s attitude does not reflect the attitude of equality. Instead, he is defending the remarks that deliberately provoke the sovereignty of other countries and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. It’s not the maintenance of the NBA’s values, it’s just the disintegration of the NBA’s values. Not only that, Xiao Hua also played a double role in the “freedom of speech”. In the latest statement, the head of the NBA is arguing: the NBA will not regulate what players, employees and team owners should say on these issues, and should not say anything. But as we all know, in 2014, the then NBA Clippers owner Sterling was Xiao Hua himself because of a record involving racial discrimination, a life ban by the NBA, a compulsory sale of the team and a fine. Nowadays, when it comes to China’s sovereignty issue, Xiao Hua has repeatedly defended Morey with the liberty of “freedom of speech” and refused to apologize. People have to doubt the character of this person. We once again reminded “Xiao Huamen” that on the issue of national sovereignty, the Chinese people will never be ambiguous, and there will be no concessions. Today’s China will never eat the set of two sides and three knives! We know that as the first American sports league to set foot in China, the NBA’s commercial operations in China have achieved great success in the past 30 years, and it has become one of the important links between China and the United States. But unfortunately, 30 years later, today’s NBA heads dare to challenge China’s public opinion and condone the words that challenge China’s sovereignty! The market that has been painstakingly managed for 30 years has been destroyed by “Xiao Hua” in three days. Will the management of the NBA be indifferent and continue to let the “Xiao Hua” do it? On the one hand, it is vocal about the big market of China’s 1.4 billion people. On the other hand, it does not respect or cherish the national interests and national feelings of 1.4 billion Chinese. If “Xiao Huamen” is still awake, they should be lost, return the wrong speech that offends China and sincerely apologize to Chinese fans. However, if they insist on going all the way to black and punishing themselves with mistakes, then go with them! Source: North Night New Vision Comprehensive Shanghai Hotline China Youth Daily CCTV News Process Editor: TF021