Xiao Hua reissues, still empty talk: NBA can’t let employees shut up, but respect Chinese values

Only serve the independent thinking crowd noon Moore Home World China Local Macro Data Country is a review of cultural and sports fashion culture travel life game video 歪研社image APP◇iPhoneAndroid attention ◇RSS microblogging WeChat interactive ◇Report submission convening order good question login message My face, my attention, my article, submission, report, account setting, exit, commercial technology, car real estate, securities, financial consumption, industrial transportation, investment, stock market, health education, marketing, business school, entrepreneurship, overseas property, wealth, sports, NBA65904, sweeping, downloading, interface, news, APP, other ways. Interface… Xiao Hua reissues that he hopes to negotiate with Yao Ming to reach a consensus. Xiao Hua said that he already knows that Yao Ming is “very angry” about this matter and hopes to communicate well in Shanghai. Interface Sports·2019/10/0820:45Browse 46.5w Source: Interface News Font: Song Image Source: Visual Chinese | Interface Sports Beijing time October 7th, for the Houston Rockets general manager Darrell Morey released Inconsistent in Hong Kong, NBA President Adam Xiaohua issued a statement for the first time, saying that they chose to support Morey’s right to freedom of speech. Today, Adam-Xiaohua issued a second official statement, still saying that this is a choice of people under different values in China and the United States, and the NBA has no right to intervene. Xiao Hua’s first statement caused an uproar, and he thought that the outside world had misunderstood what the statement said. Therefore, the second statement was issued to further explain and hope to gain Chinese understanding. After the release of the second statement, he held a press conference in Japan to continue his position on the Morey incident. “Morey, as the general manager and our employees, has the right to speak what he wants to say, even if these words have very serious consequences. I can only hope that Chinese fans and sponsors will see the contacts and the past 30 years. Emotionally, I can understand our position.” Xiao Hua said that he already knows that Yao Ming is “very angry” about this matter. He can also understand Yao Ming. “I sympathize with the difficulties of the Chinese people, but I feel this kind of sympathy and persistence in us. There is no contradiction in the position.” Xiao Hua insists that the NBA supports the freedom of speech. “The League Office has contacted Yao Ming. I became friends with Yao Ming when he first entered the league. Yao Ming is very angry. I just want to say that the free expression of NBA support, including the expression of Morey, Cai Chongxin and Yao Ming. I know that Morey touched the minefields in China and made Yao Ming very angry and unacceptable. And I understand our different values, but I hope that both sides can be more tolerant and willing to listen to each other instead of arrogant. I am absolutely I don’t plan to participate in other domestic affairs. I hope that I can reach a consensus with Yao Ming. At the same time, he said that the Hong Kong issue is very complicated, and “sports can let more people understand the situation.” This is also a good start. Both of Xiao Hua’s statements emphasized that the NBA respects the individual’s right to express within the alliance and has never apologized for the matter. Xiao Hua stressed that the NBA hopes that employees can be more cautious and sensitive when speaking, but this will not apologize for Morey’s personal behavior. “But I did hurt Morered people for Morey, and countless fans regret it.” CCTV Sports Channel of the Central Radio and Television General Station once again issued a statement, decided to immediately suspend the current broadcast arrangements of the NBA preseason (China Games), and immediately investigate all cooperation and exchanges involving the NBA. When asked about the current status of the ban, Xiao Hua said that it is regrettable that CCTV suspended the NBA broadcast. “I know that CCTV issued a statement this afternoon, because I support Morey’s expression behavior, even if it is not his opinion itself, I decided to ban it. We did not expect this to happen, which is unfortunate, but we can only bear the consequences. In order to promote the resolution of the incident, Xiao Hua said that he will still go to Shanghai tomorrow. “I sincerely hope that I can communicate with relevant departments in Shanghai and get their understanding to see if they can find a position of mutual respect. But I It is also a realist, knowing that this matter will not be settled so quickly.” For the founder Morey, Xiao Hua said that they also had exchanges, but could not disclose the specific content, and he also admitted: “Free expression often leads to dialogue. Difficulties.” It is strictly forbidden to reprint this article without formal authorization. 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