The first batch of African self-developed Android smartphone came out for $130

Phone TechWeb> text released the first batch of African manufacturing intelligence machine starting at only $ 13 2019-10-0816: 46: 00 Source: ZDNet Author: chen October 8, according to Hong Kong, “South China Morning Post” reported, local time Mara Group, based in Rwanda, Africa, launched two smartphones MaraX and MaraZ on Monday. The company said the two smartphones were the first “Made in Africa” models and also showed that the country wants to become a regional technology. The ambition of the center. It is reported that MaraX and MaraZ will use the Android operating system, priced at about $ 190 and $ 130 respectively. The two phones will compete with Samsung, which sells for $54 on the cheapest smartphones in Africa, and $37 for miscellaneous phones. Marsh Group CEO Ashish Thakkar said the company’s target customers are those who are willing to pay a higher price for product quality. “This is the first smartphone manufacturer in Africa,” said Taggar after accompanying Rwandan President Paul Kagame to the company. He said the company assembles smartphones in Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria and South Africa, but the parts are imported. “In fact, we are the first African company to be manufacturing. We are manufacturing motherboards throughout the production process,” he said. “Each phone has more than 1,000 parts.” Tagal said the plant costs $24 million and can produce 1,200 phones a day. Kagame said he hopes the phone will increase Rwanda’s smartphone usage, and Rwanda’s smartphone usage is currently around 15%. “Rwandans are already using smartphones, but we want more people to use smartphones. The introduction of Mara phones will allow more Rwandans to own smartphones,” Kagame said. (Chen Chen)