National Four-Term Name Good atmosphere

When it comes to the National Day holiday, many people will be proud of the prosperity of the motherland. On the other side of the ordinary family, a 90-year-old mother in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, ushered in her four-year-old National Day baby, or a very rare quadruplet. Netizens have praised these four lucky children every year. Have a birthday with my motherland. The following small series will introduce you to the name of the National Day quadruplet. The child’s name has such relevant information. First, the name of the National Day quadruplet On October 1st, a mother from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province ushered in her “National Day Baby”, or a rare quadruplet! After the news was issued, many netizens commented on the blessings. After this news came out, the netizens began to “arrange” the names to the babies in the following comments: Some people called “Yuyu, fruit, 潼潼, 沁沁”, together, homophonic “and “The country is celebrating”; there are people who are relatively straightforward. They say “building the party, building the army, building the country, and there is also a national day.” Is this group name especially the name of the previous generation, making people laugh and cry; Some netizens also blessed: These four lucky ones, three men and one woman, are really happy to descend from heaven, blessing a few little babies to be healthy and happy. On October 7, the names of the quadruplets were finally revealed! They are called “Yu Guo, Tong Qing, Yi, Nian An”, which is “the 70th anniversary with the country.” The netizens are very nice and have a deep meaning. 2. What other National Day babies are there on National Day? 1. At 0:06 on October 1, 2019, a loud cry came from the second delivery room of Beijing Maternity Hospital. In the expectation and blessing of everyone, “National Day Baby” was born. The baby is a boy weighing 3,240 grams, named “small melon seeds.” This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Today is a day of national celebration. “Come on this special day, it is really a fate. In fact, it has been overdue for a week, and today is his father’s lunar calendar birthday. It is too surprising!” said Ms. Nan. Father Chen said: “I am a software builder. I am a builder of the new China. I named the small melon seeds as a ‘the seed of the motherland’. He is also a witness to the motherland.” 2, Shandong National Baby “I was born in the early morning when I was born with six hospitals in the military parade. There are also twins. At 2:25 on October 1, 2019, a loud cry came from the delivery room of the Second Hospital of Shanda. In the expectation and blessing of everyone, the first “National Day Baby” of the Second Hospital of Shanda was born, and the baby was very healthy and lovely. On October 1st, from the zero point, the busyness of the hospital’s delivery room has not stopped. On average, one baby will report it in an hour. As of October 24th, there are already 24 National Day baby, eleven boys. Thirteen girls, both mother and child are safe. Among them, there is a 9-kilogram “big” baby born in birth. 3, Henan, the first National Day baby at 0:28 on October 1, with the cry of the delivery room, Zhengzhou University Hospital Zhengzhou Central Hospital ushered in the first “National Day baby.” “The original expected date of birth is October 23, I did not expect this little guy to arrive in advance, catch up with the motherland to celebrate the birth.” On the National Day, I won a baby, Aini’s mother, Ms. Nie, could not conceal her excitement, she told reporters. This is their first child. “Baby’s little name is Ai Ni, and ‘love you’.” Ms. Nie said, “Although I am very tired, I am not sleeping, too excited.” The above is the National Day. The name of the child, the name of the child has such information as the meaning of the meaning, I hope to be helpful to everyone! Everyone needs to know more about local related information, the latest real-time information, please pay attention to the network, I hope to help everyone and enrich your life. >>Click here to get professional designer free room design